Chewing On The Bars Of Sin’s Separation

It was a fairly normal and quiet autumn evening in Maryland. I was in my room, going about some minor rearranging items in my room and putting things away in their proper place, when I began to feel something in my heart, in my soul, inside. I knew it wasn’t my own emotions that I was experiencing. It was anger. Not the unholy malevolent hatred of Satan that feels dark, slimy, abhorrent. This anger was a burning holy anger. A terrifying anger. An anger more dangerous than any angry hatred of satan. This was the anger of God. It got my attention. I stopped what I was doing. My immediate thought and prayer was “Lord, are you angry with me? If so, I want to make things right! Immediately!” Fortunately, it wasn’t me. He revealed to me He was angry at the young man I was dating long distance at the time. All these years later, I don’t recall now specifically why God was angry, but it had to do with something the young man had done disobedient. Though relieved that the anger was not concentrated at my own person, it was still terrifying that God could exhibit such a terrible emotion, even though it was just and right.

I have done things that made God angry and grieved. The sad thing is the anger and grief connected with my own soul only after I left that with which I was participating. When the young man was in the path of disobedience, he also was not aware of or considering how God felt in his relationship with his Creator. God let me as someone close to this person have that experience as a mouthpiece to warn him. Although the vividness of the experience may have faded over the years, the impression it left, never fully goes away. Or at least, not in my case. This was a case involving just one person, however. There are approximately 39,776,830 ( people living in California. True, this includes the righteous living there in obedience and engaging in unseen spiritual warfare many who live around them believe as some fantasy story. But God hears the cry of His servants, of His people about injustice. He will answer. It is up to us as those made in His image to be sensitive enough to discern when.

To illustrate disobedience for a moment, let me speak of my bunny rabbit. I LOVE my bunny. I had a particularly very sweet time just recently for the first time in the six years I have had my bunny (who was a rescue from a meat farm that abused him and kicked him, traumatizing his young bunny brain forever). We had an extended grooming session (He sheds a lot certain times of the year) that he actually didn’t mind as much being cradled and I would boop my nose on his nose in a bunny like greeting. Yes, I love my chuffy cheek faced bunny. He has one bad habit, though. And he knows I don’t like it. He chews the metallic bars of his playpen when I am working. He does it a lot. At first, I tried to voice train him as I did with my two bunnies before him (I never had any such issue with them). But that wasn’t enough. He wouldn’t stop. Even when he had sticks to chew and other things to preoccupy him, so some days can be a challenge to get work done from home because of this obnoxious sound that in all honesty, I don’t believe good for any critter’s teeth. But recently, as he was playing with his heavy ceramic bowl that made similar noise, it dawned on me that the bunny might actually find this noise that I find so irritating, fascinating! That he might actually like it. Is this a matter of preference? Yes. Is it also a matter of downright defiance? Also, Yes.

I sternly attempted to teach him a simple command word, “No.” “No” didn’t work. Then I tried making the sound, “Uhhght!” (A bit throaty noise). This worked… Temporarily. Still, bunny insisted on chewing the bars, even when I would walk over to the cage, staring straight at me. Finally, at cost to my time to be doing work, such as writing and networking, to earn an income to keep a roof over our heads, I would have to put down what I was doing, walk over to the playpen and follow him round the playpen (several times) because he was trying to escape discipline, and flick his ear. I hated this and this is always last choice. I always end such an encounter by petting him on the head gently and saying, “I love you” while he grunts worriedly, but settles, reassured. But, short of throwing something to startle him as some other people might do, or water spraying bottle which bunny experts say NOT to do with rabbits, since they (unlike cats) can catch chill and perish, I had exhausted my resources on how to get him to S-T-O-P.  Many people might just give up on such a rabbit and give such a pet away or put the animal back in the adoption system. I love my bunny. I really love my bunny. We eat breakfast together. I sing to him lullabies at night. I say, “I’ll be back, be a good bunny” when I have to go walking in the afternoons to do errands, and “HI! I missed you!” When I come home, as he stretches up and bobs his head and wiggles his nose in greeting and I bend over to touch my nose to his. He is not ultra-social and doesn’t like to play as a dog would. I love (as only a bunny mama would) the cute though barely audible noises of contented happiness he makes (that neither my other bunnies before him did) when he is enjoying chewing on his own (in my own terminology) “nutra-poop” as bunnies do. His love and excitement for me particularly are exhibited when I open bring out the small bag of Mixed Berry Yogurt treats.

True, God is never exhausted of creativity (Thank goodness) and He loves us much more than I could ever love my bunny (Double Thank goodness). However, in His patient love, He too hates having to punish us as human beings who are made in His image because we won’t stop sinning. God is often accused of “How could a loving God allow such destruction or terrible things to happen?” It could well be asked of us on the flipside: “How could people be so ignorant of His mercy?” You see, Mercy was, for me, for a long time hard to understand, just as some people find it hard to grasp God’s discipline and justice. Mercy can feel isolating because of its protection. But I have grown to and continue to grow in deeper appreciation His jealous love and protection for me. I would rather be covered in His hands than experience the Justice that must come because of the freedom He grants me (and all of you too), to make our own decision to step out of His protective hands because we want things our OWN WAY! And stick out our tongue at God like foolish toddlers. Or, to follow consistency in this piece of writing, like a bunny looking straight at you, knowing the pattern of consistent discipline, but who loves the sound the metal makes when he chews it, rather than loving a relationship with his human.

Sin, though, is far worse than an annoying, largely harmless (though irritating) chewing the bars of a playpen. Sin hurts other people around us. Hurts deeply. And it hurts our minds and hearts. Worst of all sin separates us from God. So, how does that work when Jesus says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” and the reader takes it as true that God is omnipresent? Plus, this world is full of sin after the fall, so why is California so unique when it comes to sin? Why so different from other spots in the world? California has vast agricultural priming rich in natural and healthy resource and has become a place of influence. And the influence it has been spreading simply, is sin.

Think I am exaggerating? Think this is merely entertainment “visual”? This is an actual quote that was stated at the end of the final season of a story I had enjoyed since childhood (Beauty and the Beast). In the ending episode of this modern rendition of the story, one of the supporting characters raises her glass to make a toast and says, “To living in sin!” No joke. I have heard a lot in three and some decades, but that made my jaw fall to the floor! I know the writers thought it would be a “witty” thing for her to say, but… but it isn’t. It’s not witty. It’s not funny. It is serious. It is not like God can simply “disappear”.  Why do I jump tracks to this? Ironically, this nation had a foundation stone that was laid in its mindset as it grew and was built that still exists in a number of hearts today that America was and is a “God-forsaken” land. Only hundreds of years later do many see and recognize the vast blessings and opportunity in land. People recognize the physical, natural and practical riches of California. If they hadn’t, it wouldn’t be so built up with cities and rebuilt dealing with the negatives or cons of living here with things like earthquakes because the positives far outweighed the negatives or risks.


It strikes me as ironic that so many folks enjoy horror movies and getting “pretend scared” even though, to quote queen Eleanor in Brave: “Legends (or stories, which include even scary films) are lessons, they ring with truths”. Yet, people dismiss the scary anger of God as fictitious. The anger of God is very real and should be respected! Sin (which the Holy, Living God because He is pure cannot be around-that is how The Omnipresent God “works” as answer to my prior posed question) should be a scary thing because so many people abuse Jesus and His once and for all Atonement! People in California have done far worse things than chewing the bars of a playpen. Worse, they have and continue to influence those from other states and countries that such things, that sin, is “good”. That separation from the Creator is “good”. People haven’t learned from the past, so they continue to and will repeat what they have done unreconciled with their fellow human beings and unreconciled with their Creator. God desires reconciliation and relationship. Yet, instead of a bunny chewing on the metal bars of its playpen, people are chewing on the gates of hell (eternal separation from God) by chewing on sin and finding it fascinating!

Remember how I said sin separates us from God? Ok. Now, remember how I illustrated God’s hand of protection and mercy and how He loves us enough to give us choice? Ok. Now, think a minute. I write, expecting and treating my readers the best I can as smart people. Thoughtful people. Most people I know are! Let me share a thought with you. People inquired of the Lord a lot more in the past than they do now. It was said (yes, it is in the Bible, but the person who said what I am quoting was an imperfect man with a temper, yet he had a very close relationship with God): “Why should the people say, ‘Where is Your God?’”. Let that sink in a moment. A lot of people are asking “Where is God?” May you are. Maybe everyone around you is. A lot of people have been taught by the generation before them, that were taught by the generation before them things like God is to be rejected or that He doesn’t exist. There isn’t a whole lot of inquiry or interest in God and genuinely wondering what He would like, because an assumption has been allowed to fester and grow: that He isn’t the God of relationship and reconciliation that He says (and backs up with action) that He is. People also assume that He isn’t loving because He allows us to step outside His hands of protection and mercy. He allows us our choice, then, as soon as people choose it and obtain their consequence,  so many turn around and slap The Creator who fearfully and wonderfully made them and allowed them to do so (deeming Him to be unfair) in the face AFTER they spit in His face even though it was their choice that they didn’t want to be in His Protective Hands! It is US who do so who are unfair!

It makes me sick to my stomach to even think or allow myself to imagine California being destroyed or broken. It makes my heart sink hearing people dismiss or have an utter lack of concern thinking that nothing will happen that is bad (such as a big earthquake-or quakes) and explain away these natural disasters that in the olden days people recognized as God trying to get the attention of the human beings He created and cared so much about! People get angry and riled most about things they only deeply care about and believe. Why then is it so strange and hard to understand to people who were made in God’s image and experience anger about what they care about, that the Image Maker would get angry about and care about the things done by those He made? Because such people don’t know Him as the Image Maker. They have carved, and perhaps you as a reader have carved out or adopted an image to serve and identify with that cannot save you.


Just as Yahweh lovingly created every nano-size piece of your physical tent and every aspect of your personality to boot, so too did He take time to create and position wonderful diversity of ecosystems in California. Seashells clutter some shores, while others are white expanses of gorgeous contrast. Then you have the mountains. Though I had spent some time in the redwoods as a camper at a conference center, it wasn’t until I moved here as an adult that I intimately got to walk through the forest, surrounded by reddish brown giants in utter stillness, the warmth of the sun reaching, as if with its fingertips, through the trees and hearing the echoes of the Stellar’s Jays break the quiet on occasion. As an artist, I understand that footstools may be considered insignificant, but the Bible describes the earth as God’s footstool. Jesus, His son, was and is a carpenter. Therefore, His footstool is lovingly designed. He made it not with its utter destruction in mind, but with making it new. To make something new, you have to scrape away any mold that would ultimately destroy it. To make something new, sometimes you have to remove a chunk to open up space such as I discovered in having to convert my old house’s 80’s style kitchen into a more modern “open concept” space that would attract more buyers when I had to sell.

God has sent hurricanes in the south. He has tried to get attention with sweeping multiple fires in California. He allowed a 17-year-old in 1937 a dream of what could be…and I believe would/will be if people continue their behavior of dismissal just as Joe described in his dream in detail. In essence, God has said, “No.” God has said, “Ught! Uh uh!”. God has clapped His hands. God has not yet “flicked people’s ear” to follow the anecdotal illustration. People claim intelligence, but they keep chewing the bars of separation.

God really cares about California. But, if the people here choose to love sin and love separation from Him, it makes me quite literally, physically clutch my hair and groan inside, that because of His merciful love, He will let you choose your consequences over experiencing His love. I want to take care of my words and how I portray my Creator, because I will be held accountable for every careless word. Words hold power. I want so much for people of California to know the depths of God’s love for everyone here. I feel I cannot use the word, “Repent” because it has been tarnished and abused by others as to build up a wall of misunderstanding as to its deep and wonderful origin. This is distressing! Though I did NOT see what Joe Brandt did in his dream, I did have dream of my own. I have read of late that many people have had similar dreams of a Tsunami for quite some time now, a very tall and terrible one to hit the coast. Will the death-toll that happens be God’s judgment on those that stay, as I am sure many will propagate over the social media? Not exactly. People choose to stay and not heed the voices of prophets and seers, but also secular seismologists who know there is a cycle of earthquake activity and what will cause a Tsunami. Likewise, people choose separation living in sin that only can lead to continual eternal separation. And once you are in that eternal separation, you do not have opportunity as you do in this life to choose the path of life that leads to paradise with Yeshua.

If God protects those who California would influence and lead into eternal separation, by giving them a chance and exemplifying to them with California that He doesn’t want those who He created to be separated from Him, that He desires them, I would still wail and mourn His anger. I believe it would give Him no pleasure to destroy such a beautiful land that I have been so long witness and put down roots, the sweet people I have come to know. The faces I don’t know, but who I pray for. But the truth is, as in any relationship, (whether you realize or acknowledge this truth or that you have a relationship with Creator or not) that if one party (namely humans) make a choice, that choice does not exempt the other party in the relationship (in this case God) from also acting and making a choice. Oh, California! How I wish, how I pray that you too could taste God’s anger, how terrible, and deep it is, so you could realize the depths of His heart and know that just as powerful His anger, so too how deep and beautiful and powerful is His love! The depths and stillness of His peace! The groans of His Spirit’s intercession!

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Miracle: True Or False? Five Ways To Distinguish In The Prophesied Coming Of False Miracles.

How will we be able to tell a false miracle from a real miracle if the demons will be able to have that power to try to deceive us? (The False Christs and False Prophets spoken of in Matt 24:24, Mark 13:22, Revelation 16:13, Revelation 19:20) This has been a question on my mind and heart as a discerner to equip and encourage His faithful and the seekers in the days that are I believe very close at hand. It seems like it ought to be obvious, but we are told that our enemy will seek to deceive even the elect.

The first place where the word “miracle” appears in the bible is when Moses faces off against pharaoh with their staffs turning into serpent. One article had an interesting view digging into the wording used in the passage:

Thus, we see that similar miracles are used to convince the Jews and the Egyptians. Yet, the miracles are not identical. For the Jews, Moses’ staff turns into a snake (nachash), while for the Egyptians, Aaron’s staff turns into a serpent (tanin).”

Besides the use of word differentiation, we can also see the nature behind the miracle.


It may seem obvious on the surface, but keep in mind…when you are in self deceit, your mindset is just that…into self. In that state, you are unable to see or grasp past your self. Pharoah quotes, ‘Show a miracle for yourselves,’ (Exodus 7:9 NKJV blueletterbible).


The nature of godly miracles unfurls in Mark 9:39. In this passage, the disciples were concerned that a man outside their circle so to speak, was performing miracles. But scripture denotes the difference between “miracles” that are of real concern as opposed to true miracles.  The big question is whose name and thereby authority is attributed? A true miracle is not attributed to ourselves and it won’t be attributed by the Antichrist.

A true miracle is done in the name of Jesus. And He even includes the fruit of the miracle: “no one who works a miracle in My name can soon afterward speak evil of Me.” (Mark 9:39 NKJV blueletterbible) because Jesus is steadfast.


In Luke 23:8 Herod exemplifies the behavior that Jesus attributes to a “wicked generation” that will ask for a sign or seek a sign rather than Jesus Himself.

On the surface, it may by fleshly logic, seem good, comparable to a doubting Thomas. However, Thomas had been in Jesus presence and wanted to see the wounds not for Jesus to prove Himself to him, but to stand up against the hearsay.

Herod, in this verse differs in motive two ways. Herod, from his kingly position wanted to see Jesus whilst Roman citizens in his kingdom had faith in Jesus healing power, coming rather to Him, seeking Him out, two springing to mind are the centurian who asked Jesus to heal his child (not having to physically come to his house,) and the other who, who at the cross, is recorded as stating, “Truly, this was the Son of God!” (Matt 27:54 NKJV blueletterbible)

The second half of Luke 23:8 says that Herod, “hoped to see some miracle done by Him.” (NKJV-blueletterbible). Hope is different than prayer and faith. Hope, by itself is wishing without active conversation and trusting what God says to your heart aligned with scripture. Herod was seeking evidence rather than trust in the Truth. “Faith IS “THE EVIDENCE of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1 NKJV blueletterbible) and “But without faith it is impossible to please Him…” (Hebrews 11:6-NKJV blueletterbible.)

Not that we aren’t called to use discernment and not that it is wrong to ask Jesus to reveal Himself. He wants us to get to know Him. But the real question is if you want to know Him personally or merely what He can “do for you” or know only His works or only in others cases know only His word. Most of us have heard the “I only need the Bible” dismiss of Testimony. There is a beautiful and sacred interactive relationship between Truth and Spirit. The scripture calls us to worship in both. The Pharisees are chided for knowing neither.


We find two characteristics of a true miracles nature observed by those who were secular in Acts 4:16.

1. That the miracle was evident to all.

2. That they themselves could not deny it.


The history prior to the miracle is recorded and verified. Over and over with Jesus miracles, the history of the person miraculously healed was accompanied by testament of the person’s history and backed up by witness…the parents who desired healing for their demoniac children, the parents of the blind man healed, the disciples witnessing the healing of the demonized man to his right mind, the woman who bled internally for years (how would they know that without verifying with physicians or people who knew her?), the man in this Acts 4 passage who for 40 years had lived this way. It isn’t just hearsay with no verifiable history testimonial to Jesus.


40 Things A Prophet of the Lord Deals With

  1. Counterparts that set dates on prophecy subject to repentence
  2. Knowing the place they put down roots in that they will not be fully accepted by even many of those around them because of others self comfort.
  3. Looking into the faces and looking at precious human beings the Lord created, aware that they are headed for destruction because of their aversion to prior Hell preaching prophets
  4. Hell without balance of Heaven experiences counterparts
  5. People’s past negative and abusive experiences with a “word from the Lord” from their counterparts
  6. Their own hurt from any past false mentors
  7. Having to learn to take the Lord’s word above what other prophets say
  8. Not getting overwhelmed by the myriad of prophecy concerning a sure event/decision of the Lord
  9. Trying to convey a balanced, wise response to what is being prophesied
  10. Listening to both sides of Prophecy: Namely, the Judgement oriented and the Grace oriented.
  11. People who ultimately make it their sad sole purpose to portray every prophet as a false prophet
  12. Learning and avoiding real false prophets
  13. Helping amateur prophets growing in their gift because they will make mistakes.
  14. The expectation and misunderstanding from others between the prophets own mistake vs. intentional falsity and selfish agenda. In short, the expectation to be perfect.
  15. The expectation of others to tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear
  16. The rejection when a message of loving discipline is needed.
  17. The lack of foresight or mature sight on others account to see possibility and the beauty of how something might blossom through certain decisions.
  18. The lack of sight to see the ugliness of the path someone or that people find themselves upon.
  19. Being considered and/or treated false or crazy for things the prophet has been given if that which is stated does not happen in or with immediacy and the loneliness and craving for fellowship when that happens.
  20. Dealing with lack of fellowship by people who don’t have prophetic gift and lack of fellowship when there is a lack of true prophets around them where the prophet has been positioned.
  21. The grief shared with the Father prior to people’s stubborn hearted decisions.
  22. They prejudiced inhuman, hurtful things people say about the Creator and His servants themselves whether passed down generationally taught or personal past experience. (Same as hearing someone say awful things about your closest friend)
  23. Well meaning people attempting to encourage you when it turns out they are listening to a person or movement that the Lord may use to speak (He did so with Balaam) but the person through whom the word is coming is a cult.
  24. Having to spend time to research another “prophet” who has given a “word” to see their background for people who don’t either have the same capacity of discernment or research just isn’t their cup of tea.
  25. Having to listen to what is being prophesied and gleaning the common denominator or reoccurring and sifting it from people’s personal belief/preference/understanding/agenda.
  26. Not getting too comfortable in one place, yet putting down roots where the Lord commands to stay and stand.
  27. Having a heart prepared to suffer alongside stubborn people
  28. Having a heart prepared to move when the Lord wants to remove you from those who will not listen even though they are your fellows made in His image, though they choose the image of the Enemy.
  29. The ugliness of complacency and defiance
  30. The dangers of complacency
  31. The Constance of discomfort.
  32. The development and unique way God desires to speak through your own self prophetically that may be different from others around you and not how people generally expect to receive a word.
  33. At times, working through grief prior to things actually happening and not sharing other people’s shock and emotions in the moment outwardly and openly expressed and labelled because of that.
  34. The desire for change and transformation
  35. People’s fear
  36. Having to illustrate as translator the lack of emotion or illustrate to others how they have treated Creator and yet being accused and listening to hateful things said of Justice.
  37. Hearing and watching other’s cheer justice dealt in movies and stories by other human being characters, but watching and listening through existing, other’s opinions or taught prejudices calling Creator’s Just aspect as unjust and unfair.
  38. The irony of being labelled as “judgmental” when judgment requires one to review the collection of facts and facts do not change and people expect a prophet to be perfect when delivering prophecy as fact.
  39. Their counterparts giving a word of warning, offering vague rather than specific hope.
  40. Not forsaking the fellowship, but preferring to spend time in the quiet listening for the Lord and meditating on His word.


Another February. I am now a divorcee going on four years, but unlike how I would have been in my 20’s, I am no longer pining for a special someone to buy me chocolates or be like everyone else or feeling left out because I don’t have “someone”. My history of love life began late, because although I was homeschooled in high school, I did go to a tutorial once a week, with others in the faith community and halfway through high school was finally able to go to a new church and meet friends my own age, my dad still had a strenuous reputation and history with the churches he had been to, so it was extremely awkward to bring anyone round to my house. Plus, it was a challenge to get my license (a story for another time-God only knows how that would’ve worked out).


Then I got to college. The schools I went to encouraged the friendship that makes a marriage last, and I ended up with a bunch of cool friends, men and women, who were vital to my spiritual walk in this life, but academics came first, so yeah, I didn’t “date”. True, I had a high school sweetheart, but long-distance relationships are more like friendships than anything, so my second year of college ended in a bought of tears, a gallon of gas station trip bought breyers chocolate with honey swirls and nuts (a flavor to my knowledge no longer exists) and delving into the goth scene. No color clothing. Just black, black, and more black) No piercings allowed, no tattoos, but I did get purple highlights for my hair. Then I met a guy who was a Christian who still had one hand dabbling in wicca. Yeah, I know, great choice, huh? I didn’t even know what wicca was at that time, just things that he did, that I didn’t know how he did, but knew I didn’t want to know. What I did know (then) was he bandaged my toe when I injured it in the creek and saved up the whole summer to buy us a dinner at a fine restaurant in Santa Cruz. For two and a half years my heart got rebuilt from the dream and world broken by the high school sweetheart.


Then, I was proposed to, for the first time officially (a breakup letter asking to be waited for indefinitely and a possible someday by Mr. HSSH [high school sweet heart] return didn’t count) with a ring and everything. Only two problems: First, I heard in my heart a very audible “No.” Even as I was standing with everyone around us gushing and problem number two? The ring I looked at wasn’t at all what I had been explicitly asked of my taste. My awaiting fiancé verbally acknowledged hearing (though I didn’t say anything audible in the moment) that he had heard what I liked, but got what he thought was better. Twelve weeks before our set wedding date he also decided we were better friends than future lovers. Good thing we didn’t get hitched. Still, that magnitude of rejection was very hard to bounce back from, resilient as I have proved to be.


I did, but it took several more years after rekindling with the guy from high school (thinking he might have matured) I was left again, before meeting someone who, my first date with him, he met me halfway where the Bart Line met the Transit and jumped, yes, jumped over the turnstile, happy to finally meet me. He loved me wholly, however, sadly, he loved honor above protocol and wisdom. I spiraled into a verbally abusive, sexually controlling relationship, giving up on virginity in my late 20’s, then a brief long distance date for a few months and finally another verbally abusive relationship. I was viewed as codependent, but found out my personality, though needing to be watchful against that, is one of a few personalities that have a desire for deep companionship.


I looked back at my disastrous choice and thought, “How did I get here?” I hadn’t forgotten God (Who is Love). I had even inquired of Him help to be patient with my partner. I had ceased to have faith that God had a plan of good and a future for me. I had failed to ask for His patience which is a mixture of both love and kindness, Hebraically speaking. When the verse in Corinthians starts with defining love, the first definition on the list is “Love is patient”. Patience is two-fold. As humans, we can say things in love but not behave with kindness, or we can behave or speak kindly, without the love in our hearts. Paul states that without Love, we are nothing. “Nothing” in some paraphrases of the Bible is attributed to the terminology when God defines idols or demons as “nothing.” Not that we shouldn’t hold a HEALTHY respect for the enemy that DOES hold power and sway in this imperfect world, realizing our own righteousness is as filthy rags and that only Creator’s power can defeat him and his forces.


I found myself where I never thought I would be, with the kind of man I swore I never wanted to be avowed/wedded to, because of the dynamics I had seen in my parent’s marriage. I looked back on my love path with my Creator and I saw moments of Spring and Refreshment of the soul followed by long and distance feeling desert paths. Him literally saving my life from suicide as a pre-teen, physically holding my wrist and not letting go when there was no one else in my furniture-barricaded room, the warmth of the joy of His Spirit the afternoon I got water baptized that rested upon me, the time I stood in my room worshipping Him with praise in the midst of the spiritually dark house and got taken up to heaven, feeling my spirit descend back down into my body and crying because I didn’t want to be here on this earth, the time when again, I was thanking God and He blessed me with joy so overflowing that I had to beg Him to stop because I felt like my physical body would burst. The time I could feel His gentle smile after witnessing to a classmate, the time I saw four angels protecting me so I could sleep in peace in the car in the garage, the time He provided just enough change to get a sandwich at the end of the month when my finances had run out and the cashier was gracious enough to give me the sandwich on the house. The many times He has given me artistic and economic vision or inspiration on how to reuse some item I had on hand as something else or beauty I hadn’t considered illustrating or writing. How He moved me from an uninsulated studio without a kitchen I was able to cook in to a one apartment hobbit hole upgrade with central heat and air, space to dance in worship, a washer dryer that ditty’s a tune when done rather than an annoying buzzer and furnishings. And there is a lot more unseen, unrecognized things I will learn of in Heaven.


He sure has been patient with me. He has been loving. He has been kind. But I needed to repent and turn back to Him. I suffered heartache. I forgot. I divested from His relationship, rather than investing in it. I believed the lies that society told me. When I repented, I experienced the peace that passes understanding. In the midst of legal and emotional chaos, I just recall thinking, (and praying) to the Lord, knowing as a human being I am bound to make mistakes and there are still things to learn, but I didn’t ever want to mess up like where I found myself again. I persist in asking Him questions, I persist at waiting for His answers. If we don’t have Love, we are nothing. Thing is we too often get Love (capital L) mixed up with “if we don’t’ have love we are nothing”.


Solomon analogizes the “patient in spirit” with “the end of a thing” (Ecc 7:8 NKJV). Jesus’ disciple, John, who wrote the book of Revelation describes the patience of the saints as:

“Revelation 14:12

Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. (NKJV-New King James Version)


This is when perseverance is needed on the part of God’s people, those who observe his commands and exercise Yeshua’s faithfulness. (CJB-Complete Jewish Bible)”

Do I now have all the answers and know all there is to know regarding Love or love? Nope.

Do I still walk days or weeks or months at a time with Love without miraculous, tangible manifestation in quiet walking? Yep.


There has been a lot of people in prophetic office drawing attention to the fact that many people who claim Him have more love of what He can do for them rather than loving Him for Who He is. That breaks my heart. I know what it is like to have someone love me for my body, for the money I had, for how I could help someone with their ministry, for who someone wanted me to be. God created feelings. God created us in His image. God has feelings too. He not just all wrath or just all love as Christians portray Him. He experiences grief. His perfect wisdom and justice is what differentiates His hurt from our version of hurt. Knowing that He knows that I know that He knows how I feel increases desire to get to know Him. Knowing He delights in spending time with me increases my desire to get to know Him. Knowing and remembering He lovingly created each iota of me, increases my desire to inquire of Him. Unlike some people who find my inquisitive mind a challenge, He does not. It takes patience to know Love, but every day is worth the struggle because He has a plan (in Jeremiah 29:11 some translate it as “My thoughts”.) He never without a thought toward you or I, and not just any thoughts, but thoughts He knows for our good (or peace, depending on translation), with a future and a hope. This elephant in the introductory visual for this article became a rededication elephant. Much of my childhood toys I sold to move from my parent’s house or I love along the way or tossed because of the memories attached of habitually failed faithfulness.

California: The Ray of Light Amidst the Breaker Waves (Near 50 Things of Joe Brandt’s Dream)

I had this painting passed down to me after my grandfather passed away. I tried looking up the artist, but count find him or her. This painting was and is my favorite because when I was little, growing up…when we visited my grandparent’s house, I would always take the room that had this painting. Stare at it until I went to sleep. I had a difficult time under my parent’s roof, so this painting with its ray of sun breaking through the clouds never ceases to uplift my heart. Now, in 2018 with the world full of prophecy of coming doom of California, I decided to delve deeper into something I had heard mentioned 12 years ago: The Dream of Joe Brandt that he had of California falling into the ocean.

Study of Joe Brandt Vision

(Thought to possibly be Joseph Wendell Brandt)

I first was introduced to the idea of California falling into the ocean when I dated a guy back in 2006. I didn’t recall the name, but was reintroduced to the idea and caught the name recently in a very quickly composed undetailed article in Christianity Today AU. Reading through the portions of his vision available online:

I thought a few things interesting. First, it interests me that many scientists have not looked at the detail of this dream Joe had, merely dismissing it in written articles as if mythological. Second, the fact that unlike the unknown “destruction”  prophesied for Ninevah

Didn’t end in destruction. It ended in transformation and repentence.
Thirdly, I find it interesting how if repentence doesn’t take place in CA, that people will pronounce and already are pronouncing it as God’s judgement. How many will hate and blame God. It is out there that big earthquakes have a cycle and that we are overdue. 300 yrs ago, in 1700 when the last quake and tsunami hit the west coast, there were no cities here on the west coast with danger of fires and gas explosions and leaks, yet we decided to build things up the way we did anyway.

So please, lets be adult and responsible and not blame God for stuff that we did. Fourth, I find interesting that so few out there believe that such a thing as CA falling into the ocean wouldnt be the precursor as it seems to be in Joe’s vision dream of tectonic movings of the plates, as the bible DOES say that heaven and earth will be made new. In the Creation, the lands were in one mass (that most people now call by the term pangea). Fifth and last, how people will see much destruction and death but ignore and not rejoice in the beginning of and process toward earth (and heaven) being made new. We will see things because God promised never again to flood the earth. No one saw the continents shift into seperation. People will quite possibly witness the coming back together of the continents as the earth is made new and definitely  the coming of the True King: Yeshua.

Joe Brandt’s Vision Dream

(Details piece by piece-numbered)

Prior to the earthquakes in CA, a volcano erupts near Baja, Mexico (which is found later described in his dream) three months prior to L.A earthquakes, volcano erupts in Columbia. Venezuela also described as having volcanic “activity”.

Here is what I Discovered: There are several volcanos in baja area:

Volcano La Reforma Caldera is the biggest on the eastern coast of Baja with three west of it: La Vírgen, El Azufre & El Viejo.

Columbia’s most well known volcano is Nevado Del Ruiz

According to this article, Columbia has 15-16 volcanoes:

Steiger ministries just posted the nudge toward Columbia they had:

Additionally Venezuela has a interactive map of volcanic activity:

Venezuela is just next to Columbia making up the two most northern countries in South America.

Hollywood Portion of Joe’s Dream

1. Quiet about the air/No Birds.

My Thoughts: Interesting because the bible describes a half hour of silence in heaven and earth. This seems forrunner like. I have to ask mysel though, why he was placed on hollywood blvd…when there are many big sites in Los Angeles that would be recognised.

2. Newspaper Corner had the president’s picture.

My Thoughts: It wasn’t full cover page as Time Mag and stuff has big now in 2017/18.

3. Funny glow around youngsters heads

My Thoughts: Initially I thought this possibly spiritual. However in reading a article by yoga instructor, Cynthia Gallaher, about his vision, she questions if this glow might not be the recent glowing headphone/headset popularized a few years ago?

4. The specific time at 3:50 pm afternoon

5. Cardboard Blonde draped over Marquee (movie title sign– indicates particular movie.)

My Thoughts: So, he might’ve well been seeing Chinese theatre from angle..from the side or the front of theatre is re-did. In reading the article by yoga instructor, Cynthia Gallaher, about his vision, she questions the cardboard blonde possibly to be a 2018 release of “Blonde” about Mariyln Monroe, produced by Brad Pitt, a film IMDB still says is in development, not even production.
My disagreement with this includes that marilyn Monroe (the real one) was born 1926 and died 1962). Joe, if tis the same Joe, (according to Cynthia’s research) was born in 1919. So, in 1937 when the vision took place, and given most movies strive for casting to have a recognizable likeness of the person they are docu dramatizing,  although Marilyn was discovered in 1946, (ten yrs difference) Joe lived to age 75. Why did Joe never perhaps later make that distinguishment in a note. Second, Marilyn (the real one was 5’5″), so a six foot tall leggy female is iffy to me. Given that some predict Passover April 2018 (which I find unlikely as there is not any major blockbusters with such a blonde advertised and the timing…I find it questionable that God would send a disaster on the actual appointed day of Passover in the spirit some prophets are – though I was reminded in reflective reading that an earthquake happened when Yeshua died on the cross)

6. Specific individual: Frowsy haired sweet kid with very short skirt dragging boy twins, one in each of her hands. Joe is haunted by this particular individual wanting to help her. She stood out.

7. A lot of people looked “frowsy” (“out all over their heads”)

8. Sulpher like smell

My Thoughts: gas!

9. He walked half a block down Hollywood Blvd from the theatre–eyes still glued to THE CLOCK.

My Thoughts: What Clock? The clock BY the BIG theatre-gotta be Graussman Chinese theatre. Plus he mentions “Walk of fame” starwalk conists of 15 blocks of Hollywood Blvd. Graumans Chinese Theatre? Built 10 yrs prior to Joe’s vision.

10. Time 3:55 pm

11. Quake #1: “Funny little shake” happens. Nothing alarming.

12. Moving his legs like the youth he saw. (He didnt know if it was a dance or not.)

13. Supher smell (gas) coming from the ocean this time.

My Thoughts: This could be Nuclear activity or here are some other possibilities:

This article is interesting because of Joe saying before “where are the birds?” There’s a lot of seagulls in S. Cali. But without a scent to find food why would they come to such a spot? I realize the smell chronologically comes after, but animals and birds are given senses keener ones than ours before stuff occurs.

Here is another article of interst concerning sulpheric/gas smells from the ocean specifically:

In 2012 southern california smelled gaseous from the ocean. Here is a quote from a lesser news site that I am not sure of credibility:

“Alternatively, the gas can be released due to small movements in the earth’s tectonic plates, not enough to cause an earthquake but sufficient for methane to be released into the ocean.”

14. 5&10 store Joe comes to.

My Thoughts: What would that be nowadays so close to the Theatre?
(See Cynthia Article. The old 5&10 store from Joe’s time is gone but a new one is across from the Chinese theatre.) Joe consistently used terms in this dream to his understanding. Therefore, a 5&10 to him was probably looking vastly different, but he recognized the store as having the same function as a 5&10 store.

15. Specific individual: Young man from back east.

16. Specific individual: The Lil old lady whith white dog named “frou frou”

17. Specific individual: The doubled up young lady

18. Joe runs and runs

My Thoughts: Where? Down the block…Hollywood Blvd? Yes.

19. Quake #2: Monster pushing up the sidewalks sort of earthquake. Described as a a slow scream of a woman giving birth.

My Thoughts: The birthpangs imagery is also used in Scripture

20. Quake #2: Felt before one could see the earthquake

21. Cars didn’t realize at first.

22. White half size car from inside lane to curb with lady in it staring, making funny noises.

My Thoughts: This sounds like Joe is describing a smart car and I am not the only one who thinks this. I do wonder though, what funny noises the woman was making.

23. Quake #3: Earth quake-the nice cradle like shaking. Hollywood Blvd broken in two.

24. A loud sound. Unlike he had ever heard before.

My Thoughts: Could this be a shofar? He said at this point a loud sound… AGAIN. When did he first hear this sound unlike he had heard before? He distinguishes as different from the sounds that follow: “then hundreds of sounds—all kinds of sounds; children, and women, and those crazy guys with earrings.”

25. He describes people being lifted up.

My Thoughts: He was 17 yrs old at the time. Not a soldier yet. During WW1 Joe wasn’t even born. WW1 (when gas used in warfare) began 6 yrs prior to his birth and ended 2 yrs prior to his birth. WW2 hadn’t even started at the time he had this vision. It would start 2 yrs after his vision, before he had even seen warfare or movies depicted such warfare like they now do. He had no idea in his dream if the people being lifted up had died but he had described gas smell. Could it be possible they were blast forced upward?

26. Joe said the crying made his eardrums want to burst.

27. People falling down. Joe felt himself lifted over the city. Unsure whether or not he had died.

My Thoughts: Which city now? Los angeles? …Yes. Because he says the buildings on the Blvd held. Could it be people were falling down because of methane levels? He had said quite a bit about sulpher smell from ocean. Methane gas effects the respiratory system)

28. The city was “tilting” toward ocean “like a picnic table.”

My Thoughts: A picnic table is layered with the eating portion higher than the sitting part. Yet, we tend to visualize the word “tilt” as a steep angle. Could it be a gradual incline? Looking at and reflecting on photo of a picnic table…perhaps Joe was seeing the west end of CA…west of Hwy 5 descend first like the seat portion of a picnic table. That would make visual sense.

29. The buildings everyone held on to were the last to go.

30. Quake# 3 or 4: A 12 second “gentle” quake

31. He saw that the clock read 4:29.

My Thoughts: Describing a 40 minute time span. Earthquakes happened in 30 minute time span?

32. Sees the mountains coming together. In CA.

33. Thought San Fran “A long way off” was going to turn upsidedown or twist. Compared it to the 1936 Film San Fransisco, whose earthquake scene near the end of the movie is a capturing of the 1906 quake.

My Thoughts & Finds: Scientists believe that the tectonic plates would shift LA and SF together:

“No, California is not going to fall into the ocean. California is firmly planted on the top of the earth’s crust in a location where it spans two tectonic plates. The San Andreas Fault System, which crosses California from the Salton Sea in the south to Cape Mendocino in the north, is the boundary between the Pacific Plate (that includes the Pacific Ocean) and North American Plate (that includes North America). These two plates are moving horizontally, slowly sliding past one another. The Pacific Plate is moving northwest with respect to the North American Plate at approximately 46 millimeters per year (the rate your fingernails grow). The strike-slip earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault are a result of this plate motion. There is nowhere for California to fall, however, Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day be adjacent to one another!”

Forbes backs this up with:
“Although strike-slip faults have some vertical offset, it is insignificant compared to the horizontal offset. Therefore, the fundamental nature of the San Andreas fault system does not allow for drop and subsequent sloughing off of land on the western side of the fault.”


“whereas a large earthquake in the San Andreas Fault could trigger significantly larger localized movement on the order of tens of feet in seconds.”

The skeptisism of CA falling into the ocean has to do with the belief and emphasis on the horizontal:

“Much of California does lie along the San Andreas Fault, an 800-mile fracture in the Earth’s crust stretching from the Gulf of California to San Francisco. Here two immense plates of rock, floating on a semi-molten layer, meet and move against each other in what’s called a strike-slip fault. The stress caused by this movement can result in devastating earthquakes, like the 1906 quake that destroyed much of San Francisco.

But the motion between these two rock masses beneath the Golden State is mostly horizontal. That is, the Pacific plate is moving “up” the coast, not away from the North American plate, at a rate of dozens of millimeters per year”

My Thoughts: Despite those who are so sure such a thing could not happen, I read contrary conclusions describing Los Angeles soft soil area on top of what the underneath is comprised of and given Joe’s location of being over Los Angeles in his vision, the possibility the soft soil areas might crumble into the ocean shouldn’t be ruled out, as they are on the edge of the coastline.

Although Joe’s description of “tilting” seems contradictory to the above USGS and Forbes articles, his dream ends with him hearing over and over that CA is “going INTO the sea”– We don’t know if into is disappearing underwater or drifting off into the ocean as it would and could slide upwards toward SF. If the last quake in Joe’s dream was powerful enough to raise the mid atlantic mountains ridge out of the sea as he later describes, such shiftings could possibly cause flooding 240 miles (google maps) from the inward southern border (estimated from Yuma CA to Tuscon, AZ.)

Why would it be so strange to science then that if the continents used to not be broken up but were broken under similar tectonic straining, why would the phrase God uses that heaven and earth will be made new, that the continents would be gathered into one land place:

Gen 1:9 – And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. (KJV)

I took this quote into consideration:

“The plates act like a hard and rigid shell compared to Earth’s mantle. This strong outer layer is called the lithosphere, which is 100 km (60 miles) thick, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The lithosphere includes the crust and outer part of the mantle. Below the lithosphere is the asthenosphere, which is malleable or partially malleable, allowing the lithosphere to move around.”

Science favors the billions of years timeline but given God’s 6000 yr old earth, why is it that there was no records in early Bible history of earthquakes etc.? I tend to believe Noah’s flood is the answer. We do not know what the “fountains of the deep” were exactly, but lava is in the depths and the earth covered by rain water from the “windows of heaven” over forty days and nights could very well have shifted the earth into seperate continents. Interesting to note the possible 40 minutes of Joe’s vision of hollywood corellation to the 40 days of Noah’s flood. Makes one wonder. Those who think that the mention of the continents (after the flood) were divided in Genesis 10:25 possibly ignore tense written, plus the fact no great happenings such as shiftings were recorded in scripture. Big things like that tend to be recorded biblically. “Were” suggests that the continents as we know them were already divided. Antonio Snider from the 1850s also thought shift happened during the flood as I glanced theorized as I read this article:

So, let’s say the Bible is true. Let’s say that the plates shifted under the flood waters of Noah’s ark. Forty days and nights it flooded plus 150 days of water recession to arrive on dry land on a mountain. How many days total is that? 190 days. What a miracle we will be witness to if God puts the earth back in one land mass in as many days!

Now, let us consider “the fountains of the deep.” (Gen 7:11 & 8:2) They would have to push upward (“broken up” by God) through miles of earth’s layers. This is a fun trivia article:

But truly:

“A layer of searing hot liquid magma trapped since Earth’s formation may lie 1,800 miles (2,900 kilometers) beneath our feet, new research suggests”

“A geological group who drilled a hole about 14.4 kilometers deep in the crust of the earth are saying that they heard human screams.”

The earth has four layers, inner and outer core, the mantle and crust. The mantle:

“Many people think of this as lava, but it’s actually rock. The rock is so hot, however, that it flows under pressure, like road tar. The mantle is about 1,800 miles (2,900 kilometers) thick and appears to be divided into two layers: the upper mantle and the lower mantle. The boundary between the two lies about 465 miles (750 kilometers) beneath the Earth’s surface.”

The USGS states this about the earth’s crust (the layer where tectonic plates are located):

“Continental crust with a thickness in excess of 50 km is exceedingly rare and accounts for less than 10% of the continental crust.”

The drillers in Siberia who heard hellish screams drilled 8.948 miles deep.

In USGS map within the article, I noted the crust thickness area along the CA Coastline is 30km. (18.641 miles).

Is it all that strange that increased heat underneath and magma signalled by increased volcanic activity would rise easily 10 miles to collapse CA?

So what is earth’s crust made of?

“The rocky surface layer of Earth, called the crust, is made up of mostly oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium.”

Wikipedia shares:
“Below the crust is the mantle. The upper part of the mantle is made up of peridotite, a rock denser than rocks common in the crust. The crust and the upper mantle make up the lithosphere. The lithosphere is broken up into tectonic plates that can move.

The crust is of two different types. One is the continental crust (under the land) and the other is the oceanic crust (under the ocean). The continental crust is thicker, and the oceanic crust is thinner. The thickness of the crust varies from 5 to 80 kilometers”

My Thoughts: Since tectonic plates need magma as a component to move, wouldnt it make logical sense that volcanic activity would be a warning of the coming “Californiapocolypse”? This is what I found:

Reading this article linked directly above, I have to ask myself (as a non scientist) why some in science think it is impossible for CA to collapse into the ocean, since a subduction zone is needed for that to happen and cascadia subduction plate is common known and used terminology?

In researching quakes, it is thought that our earth couldn’t handle a 12.0:

“A magnitude 12 earthquake would require a fault larger than the earth itself.”

I duely note this is the same corporate source that believes CA could not fall into the ocean but believes over time (billions of years) that L.A and S.F will be neighbors. I also note they use the phrase: “…require A fault larger than the earth itself.” Meaning they are considering only one fault. But…what if…what IF…with the recent years discovery of the evidence of fault interaction, and factoring in a 6000 year earth 25 big quakes along CA have occured on a 240 year cycle might accumulatively had an affect building up underneath we cant predict… what IF a big enough earthquake could happen because of more than one fault?

The only verses about end times in Revelation convernjng GREAT earthquakes is Revelation 11:13 and Revelation 16:18. The city spoken of in Revelation 11 refers to Jerusalem specifying it is where the Lord was crucified. The Revelation 16 earthquake will come after the battle of Armegeddon where specifically the islands and mountains go away, followed by talent weight hailstones.

Many think the quake in Joe’s Dream and recent prophesies are the end of the world. I believe it will be the beginning of the end. The said above bible verses have to happen, as well as other biblical events like the psuedo messiah putting himself up to be worshiped. Some might think the destruction of CA might point to the destruction of a third of the earth’s vegetation, but CA is sixth in global economy and China and India together produce just over 60% of the worlds veggies easily found at a glance on google:

This in no way dimjnishes the fact the economy of the USA would be severely wounded. California has become huge for the economy of our country with entertainment and produce. Just as the big earthquake is overdue, I recently found out, so also is a stock market crash.

On top of this information, a survivalist site forum had a suggestion that a big enough quake could alter the earth’s rotation. I am uncertain if chronologically the seals and shofars in Revelation with the day and night being split in half so its dark and light 6 hours at a time, how the speed of the earth would effect us as humans. But either way, at some point the bible and science seem to reveal alteration of rotation.

34. Joe closes his eyes for approx 10 min to try and shut things out

Hoover Dam Portion of Joe’s Dream

35. Describes the hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. Dam being pushed from underneath.

My Thoughts: Here you can find the faultlines in the United States:

Hoover Dam is Boulder Dam as Joe calls it in 1937 vision named Hoover Dam in 1947 according to wikipedia.

Note: The Boulder Dam portion of the dream is not quite clear in the site as it is only portions of his vision whether the dam happens before or after CA quakes.

Global portion of Joe’s Dream

36. Japan too is described as going into the sea.

My Thoughts: Again if the plates are shifting the continents together, to make a new earth as scripture describes, why would this be strange to science? I want to look into prophecies in Columbia and Japan. Could people from these countries long ago also have been witnesses?

37. Flooding in various parts all around the globe.

My Thoughts: This is -as far as I can tell-after CA happenings. Joe says churches were packed night and day. How many days, I wonder?

38. New York the water level was “way up”
People stealing all the shoes in a shoe store in matter of minutes.

My Thoughts: (5th Ave..5th Ave NY? Or the store?)

39. 5 girls running toward the NY YMCA near 5th Ave NY…lexington or somewhere.

40. Broken fuel tanks in certain places of NY. Oil shortage.

41. People headed to rural areas.

42. A lot of land came up in Atlantic

My Thoughts: Quite possibly the mid atlantic ridge emerging out of the ocean? What would that do to east coast as it travels toward Europe and Africa?

Second Portion of Hollywood In Joe’s Dream

43. Back to Hollywood. Notes the clock still read 4:29.

My Thoughts: Not sure myself if all these happening happened at once or if the clock had simply stopped working. What’s that clock run on? Electric or battery?

44. A short little man with glasses (unscared) reading instructions about helicopters or planes going over but Joe said they couldn’t in his vision because something was happening in the atmosphere.

45. Nightmare waves on CA coastline Hollywood.

My Thoughts: Waves. Plural

Second Portion of Hoover Dam in Joe’s Dream

46. Back to Hoover/Boulder Dam. As waves plural crash in to CA…Hoover Dam (previously pushed upward- see #35) now pushed together.

Third Portion of California in Joe’s Dream

47. Ham Radio operator inland in CA kep announcing, “This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea. Get to high places. Get to the mountains. All states west—this is California. We are going into the. . . we are going into the. . .”

48. Waves (Nightmare waves) had come inland CA

I had no conception of what it would be like to see the day when my loving grandfather would pass away and his home (not just a house) so full of loving memories and design details my grandmother had done over 30 years would be sold and the wallpaper and other items be stripped and sold and divied among relatives. I had no idea how significant this painting would turn out to be in my life, first as a comforting thing to observe and a memory to cherish when I was away from it, then the spiritual significance of sharing it with all of you, my readers, that if California and the nation doesn’t turn to trust and love Yeshua as a bride loves her groom and continue to enjoy relationship and getting to know Him,  it should be no surprise to those who don’t when the waves of consequent choices come. I have no idea if California, who God put a burning in my heart to come to you and share His love back in 2005 to come to you will recipricate a deep flame of love and devotion and interest in knowing Him, or if many other homes and people will be gone under waves. I do not know what is in store for California, but I know my Creator is patient, and loves me and loves you and no matter if nightmare waves do take CA at some point, which break His heart for He doesn’t wish anyone to perish. I want everyone to remember His love in this painting and that there are rays of sunshine that will break through. As a living parent, He takes no delight in having to punish wrongdoing, its that He has to to protect. And instead of deeper appreciating Who He is and understanding His position, many people throw accusations at Him and spiritusm tantrums. This earth and heaven He has promised (and He does not break His promises) to make new. I hope you keep this in mind as you see Him move, that it is not all destruction. That is not the end plan. People will witnes much in these quickening last days that for so long have been out as drawn off. You are going to see terrible things, terrible waves, literal and spiritual but He will NOT leave you without that ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds. He promised never again to flood the earth. What a great and beautiful promise of exposure of sin and revelation and responsibility of choice. It will take every skill and training to courage to canoe what is coming. Keep this ray of sunshine firmly engrained in your hearts. I love you California. God loves you too. My prayer is that you taste the burning He put in my heart to come to you. But it is your choice! He loves you that much.


As I sit here typing this piece, once more enjoying the battle music used in Thor: Ragnarok, “Immigrant” By Led Zepellin, this spiritual warrior pounds away on words like a blacksmith pours their sweat into fashioning beautifully crafted weaponry. I tip my helmet to the screenwriters. I am not a screenwriter. I am more of a detailed, creative writer. I like to delve into adjectives and adverbs, colors, sounds, the way a director portrays the picture on screen. Screenwriters have the job of constructing the backbone and skeleton of a piece. Without it, the creation would be as blobby as the people aboard the Axiom (reference to Wall-E). Writing comedy is extremely hard job. I enjoy going alone to films such as Thor Ragnarok because when I find something funny, I don’t hold back. I laugh and I laugh loud. Some of you may be saying something like, “Didn’t she write on the Dangers of Diana/Wonder Woman?” Yes, we do need to be careful not to idolize, AND realize what the character stands for, what they promote. My biggest beef was the Christian community’s laziness in elevating Wonder Woman to biblical womanhood as if women of the Bible are uninteresting enough for the movie screen. It is also important to know the origin of the character.

After writing this article, I conducted some additional input from Marvel interviews and it HAS come to my attention that Tom refers to Loki as a sorcerer which is a disappointment since the first two films he is a Marvel mythical character, completely unviking-ed from origin as a shapeshifter that has sex with both human and animal. “White” or “good” magic does not exist and is increasingly being propogated and accepted in Hollywood. This makes me very sad, but also more aware and determined to pray for those making these wonderfully creative films to know that the gift of such creativity is needed and given BY THE ONLY LIVING God and can be used for His purpose.

As A Sibling:

I found the dynamics between the Viking character of Marvel Modern Thor, Loki and Hella relatable. My older sister called me an “imp” when I was little as a term of endearment. Imp is short for impudent, in the same adjective family as mischievous, the label given Loki. So, even though Loki is a villain, the story peels away a brotherly side to him. Even though he can be a jerk, he protects those he cares about and what he cares about.  Admittedly, as a younger sibling lacking relationship with that bond of trust, and several stillborn siblings whom I never got to know between myself and my older sister, I found an identifiable moment in the film as an artist with Thor, actually, when like him, the words from those I hoped and grown to know to be encouraging, discouraging me and lacking of faith in my artistry and place in life. Hella, near the end, is battling with brother Thor, telling him, “what are you ‘god’ of again?” in a very distaining tone. It is at that point where he has to dig deep in himself, speaking truth to lies, remembering those who loved and believed in him. Something I am having to work on, encouraged by Lysa TerKeurst’s Book: “Uninvited” book.

As A Daughter of The King & As A Peacemaker:

It bothers me how the “Christian” film industry lacks the creative genius well known to other cultures, portraying characters in film as archetypes rather than individuals. There is nearly no Faith Television series (other than pioneer dramas) in the USA. Thor Ragnarok does have mild “nudity” of CG characters and there was mild, unmaliciously delivered ‘cussing’. It bothers me how Christianity is letting films such as Thor define humor for all of us, treating the Scripture as boring, and devoid of any depth or levels of the people therein. That belief is only what has been passed down to us, told us by mankind of prior generations also lacking in creative vision and understanding Jewish/Scriptual culture, Jewish humor and Yahweh’s understanding of comedy, all healthy culturally created flavors of it. Yahweh created comedy. Yahweh defines in Scripture “laughter” (or has some translations put ‘a merry heart’) as being “good medicine.” Yahweh loves laughter, repetitively mentioning in His word, His desire for mourning to turn to joy. He talks of the fullness of joy through the missionary, Paul, who many Christians ironically quote but do not honor his life’s work, the one who Yahwen called to reach out to the Greeks and other Gentiles who wrote these stories of these ‘god’ characters Christian and non-Christians like, that unfolded to the Gentiles lessons, morals and aspirational characters that feel like a friend because they share something with us. As a film creator who has witnessed such respect and creativity in the film “Risen,” I know “Christian” film can be and do better. What power that would unleash if we produced more such movies! Solomon mentions in the Proverbs that the merry-hearted have a continual feast. When we face hard times, we cling to the memory of the good. In the garden of gethsemane, Jesus remembered the good that would come from His love, His suffering. Thank goodness He did! Yet, His feasting table still has a noticeable number of empty seats. God has shared his heart with us in scripture, His ache at how long He has to wait for us to return after our unfaithfulness and abuse of His grace, His delight in His bride, from the hair on her head to the beauty of her feet. He has shared with us His fury. He has shared with us His humor. It bothers me (and saddens me-having grown up with the imaginative Christian produced “Adventures in Odyssey” with its “Imagination Station”) that so many view the bible as boring and feel the need to produce, not one, not two but three films on “God’s not Dead” (hugely idolized and lauded in the church) rather than delving into the essence of the Creator as artists into His creativity, rather than further destroying what He has created.

As A Story-teller:

I can hardly wait for the day when Christian films stop going back to their own gospel story vomit. Believe me, I know first-hand what it feels like to vomit on someone. Literally. I was in third grade, practicing along with the rest of the school on the risers for the yearly singing production. We had been taking too many breaks for the teachers liking, who just wanted for us all to get through the entirety just once. So, of course I would start feeling not-so-good just after the announcement “No more breaks”. I raised my hand, as was the custom back in the day, for a turn at the teacher’s attention, but she shook her head and continued conducting. Stuck on the second to last riser with people hedged in on all sides of me, I stopped singing to swallow (for the first time) the food I had eaten that threatened to come out. I swallowed my own vomit and boy was it nasty! But, I lost that battle. It erupted out of my mouth into the long, (hip length), straight, combed, shampoo-ed, shiny, dark blonde hair of the pastor’s daughter down directly in front of me! Forget “Fifty Shades of Grey”…I KNOW Fifty shades of Red exist!

So, you can see my question to “Christian” filmmakers who keep going to the same vomit, (having tasted my own) the same story, the same generic: Why in Heaven’s naaame would you keep doing that? Yet, instead of mortification and reflection on their part, I see the industry that I was initially excited to participate in applaud vomiting the gospel with ill-crafted technical foundation and unasked questions or relatable characters, as if accolading a belching contest. It is sad how spiritually nose-blind so many have become of the stench that is being created and the rifts being created by ego and unpatched resentment from those who actually need to know wisdom and love from those who claim to know it yet publicly show so little or no understanding of such.

Having actually physically vomited on another person, it embarrasses me and saddens me to see others who claim to know The King whom I do my best to love and respect Who has shown His love to me (even when I grapple with Him because of things I don’t understand, aware He is Creator and I am His Creation) vomiting on people with egotistical expectations and repetitively vomiting on people’s hearts. It bothers me that the Christian film industry is a practically questionless one. Questionless of people, as if they have no valuable opposed to “Christian” assumption and too often dismissive, cure all viewpoint. Questionless of God, as if we shouldn’t ask Him anything, as if trust is a thing figured out long ago. Trust is something searched out and built in relationship. Trust is a struggle story between worldviews. Trust with Yahweh is the struggle between a limited and an unlimited worldview. “Christian” Film is not listening to the people they claim to desire to reach out to, nor their Christian counterparts offering them valuable critique, who desire them to excel.

As A Warrior “Imp”:

Although I do have to keep aware of the origin of the characters of Thor and his kin and friends as pagan gods, as the youngest sibling, I admit it’s hard not to crush on/root for Loki. Being a movie maker, I admire the way the actor and director develop this version of Loki’s character, his expressions. How, as a mischievous heart, he doesn’t always say straight out what’s up, so the camera pays attention to his face and eyes in search for a betrayal of himself. The way they style his wardrobe and hair were creative. Loki’s (Marvel Production) backstory is that Oden and family adopts Loki the baby frost giant because Oden sees in Loki potential to peacekeeper, but Loki struggles with keeping peace within himself against the negative what others think (or what he thinks they think) of him being, even, if not especially, the perceptions of his adopted family. Something I identify with, if I am honest.

Many acquaintances and growing and passing friends in my life think of me more like the Marvel Comic’s “Thor” the easily recognizable hero warrior in many ways. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy how the film makers weave in just a bit of Loki’s trickery rubbing off on Thor in the “Get Help” ploy), (For those unfamiliar with this: “Get Help!” is a distraction ploy where Thor and Loki barge into a situation, Loki, arm slung over Thor, feigning injury that needs attention, to get them both in to then pulverize the enemy by Thor then throwing his brother Loki at them). As I grow older however, I appreciate Loki’s character (Marvel version) of not being so forthcoming with plans and how he has changed through the films. This third film sees Loki on the other side of making some sort of peace with who he is, growing from a younger demanding prince into more grown up lordship of his gifts he has been allotted, coming into his own, rather than fighting to be Thor’s “equal” as he confesses in Dark World (Movie #2).

Movie Loki’s one flaw is that he is predictably unpredictable, so people close to him only can defeat him, such as adoptive brother Thor when he quick handedly plants the tazor pod on his brothers back and swipes the small trigger stick. This movie has us laughing at the genius placement of quotes, as they have gotten to know the characters, sharing them with us, the predictable presented as “Haha. That was dumb!” (because the character gives in to ego). It has us as the audience laughing at the unexpected and clever plans of the characters. We laugh at sibling competitiveness, often carried out in outlandish fashion.

Although I won’t watch the forthcoming ones now that they have Dr. Strange involved, since I have read that the movie and character (who apparently is a wizard) is deep seated in the occult, something I have had contact with in my own past and know is very real and evil, I can admit to laughing so hard I cried at what I consider Loki’s greatest line in Thor Ragnarok. Once in a great cinematic while, a really great line of script emerges. Loki’s line, “Let’s not do ‘Get Help!’” when facing down their evil sister Hella, knowing that she derives her power from Aasgaard and that Aasgaard is defined by Oden as “its people” (movie quote), of which includes himself. “Let’s not do, ‘Get Help!’” One day later now, after watching it, I admit I still am. (Thank You to the six writers of this film and to Tom Hiddleston for the priceless line delivery on screen!) The Christian film industry (like Thor) keeps turning to the Lokis out there suggesting the “Hey, Let’s do, ‘Get Help!’….C’mon you love it” (From Thor Ragnarok elevator scene) despite Loki protesting that he “hates it” and that “it’s humiliating”.

So, can we glean something from Loki? Originally the pagan ‘god’ of mischief, who tells his adoptive brother in Dark World Movie #2 to “Trust my rage”? (I.E. The passion/fire in him, the same passion Odin saw to be of peacekeeping quality–Quote from Thor: The Dark World).

I think we can: “Let’s not do, ‘Get Help!’”

It’s time for a new plan.

2000 Year Old Curds & Whey

I see it almost everywhere in the “Christian” culture. The spoof of the “Got Milk” slogan as “Got Jesus.” The promotion in Christian circles of “milk of the word” (meaning the Bible). It strikes me that in this age of information that even though people who are not professional nutritionists are privy to Google’s wealth and yet so often do not put the physical truth and spiritual truth side by side, as if our core and shell are two entirely different entities incapable of being affected similarly if not parallel.

I hear “Milk!” promoted and preached from the pulpit and repeated by congregants, and the purity of a mother’s milk as a positive thing. I’ve heard this in church for over a decade and have yet to see another article on this topic where mothers (who have given birth and know the necessity of weaning) speak up to this spiritual deficiency in the church. Hearing another “milk of the word” referenced recently caused me to take a look at the whole verse again. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know there are a lot of spiritual babes out there who need and are benefiting from actual pure milk. But, when the only popular meat reference in Christianity is a t-shirt that reads “Jesus King” instead of “Burger King,” I think we need to take a look at the whole of the verse so many repeat:

“I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able; for you are still carnal. For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?”
1 Corinthians 3:2-3 (

Here we see Paul starts in past tense. Fed. We also see that Paul (a single man with Pharisee background) is able to assess that there is a problem. He sees they are stuck, treading milk, if you will, because they would rather be carnal than receive and desire to know more about God. Thinking on this, I got inspired with the title for this article. I thought, “This problem was going on approximately 2000 years ago. That’s some pretty sour milk by now!” I began thinking of the Little Miff Moffet nursery rhyme and how easily she was scared by the spider while she munched down her curds and whey. Just like Miss Moffet, so many who claim the name of their Creator, who claim the name of Yeshua rationalize their carnality and portray to those who don’t know Yeshua/Jesus that it’s ok to get inebriated, to post social media crushes or objectify or idealize the opposite gender, even though those people didn’t die for our eternity. They get scared of the darkness around them instead of growing into disciples and a warrior bride for The Warrior, respecting Him above fearing whatever the enemy is allowed to in order to test us..

The writer of Hebrews shares:

“For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is,those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”
Hebrews 5:13-14 NKJV (

Solomon reminds us in Proverbs that churning milk makes butter. Butter is known to be a fattening food and can clog arteries. So just as physical butter clogs the physical blood stream, so too does spiritual butter prevent the oxygen of the Holy Spirit or Ruach Hakodesh from replenishing our spiritual life, given that “the life of the creature is in the blood”. (Lev 17:11 NKJV) ( Yet, American culture is still largely churning the milk of the word and at times not even pure milk, but rather humanized formula!

Although incomplete scriptures can minister to those designed with a simple mind, not everyone is designed with a simple mind. Not everyone with a simple mind is a babe in Christ. Incomplete scripture delivery are not falsehoods, but they can hinder understanding when context and follow up are not included. Milk is given for growth. However, if we have been churning the milk, the issue, this particular scripture for nearly 2000 years, what are we churning it for still and what else are we expending but some very unhealthy results?

Google has some very interesting food reminders. In physical butter, its oils go bad as it expires. So, if Christians are churning 2000 year old butter, just imagine how sour the Holy Spirit (biblically illustrated as anointing oil) tastes to those who don’t know what we proclaim that we do.

Butter churning is not our scriptural vocation. Desiring the pure milk of the gospel is–for GROWTH, as Peter imparts in 1 Peter 2. Peter’s charge from Yeshua Himself was to feed His sheep. He (along with the other foundational disciples) were commissioned to making disciples, not converts as has been so popular in Christianity. Paul’s calling was preaching and proving that Jesus was the Christ Acts 9:20&22 NKJV. ( The disciples both walked with The Word and studied The Word in the Torah. I say this because there are renewed movements in Christianity. There are some who focus on God’s love over mere discernment to oppose the “only need the Bible” folks who mostly bereave themselves of experiencing others testimony and prayers and the twofold power needed in overcoming. Likewise, those who shy away from the scripture, focusing mostly in on God’s love, also bereave themselves and encourage others to not know the accountability part of God. Each rather tend to try to dissect God to some degree. Discipleship in both areas is needed.

So what does growth by pure milk look like? Well, Peter gives us more elaboration in 1 Peter 2: (

-offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:5 NKJV

-proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 NKJV

-having your conduct honorable among the Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify God in the day of visitation. 1 Peter 2:12 NKJV

-that by doing good (verses about submission to leaders) you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men—1 Peter 2:15 NKJV

-For what credit is it if, when you are beaten for your faults, you take it patiently? But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God. 1 Peter 2:20 NKJV

Five foundational things. When we don’t grow, we hurt God’s credibility to the bankrupt and diminish our spiritual inheritance of blessed investment. As said at the beginning, I’ve never birthed a child and I’m not a nutritionist, but I love information. So, it interested me to read two particular articles (which I’ll include here at the end) that pointed out:

“The research found that by age 2, babies who had been breastfed exclusively for at least three months had enhanced development in key parts of the brain compared to children who were fed formula exclusively or who were fed a combination of formula and breastmilk. The extra growth was most pronounced in parts of the brain associated with language, emotional function, and cognition, the research showed.”

“…too much milk can fill kids up, increasing the likelihood that they forgo other nutrient-rich foods.”

If milk is calcium rich and ministers to the bones, we are spiritually skeletal and hard in texture and interaction. What are we doing to help our muscles and other internal systems of the body of Christ? I’ve already seen that Christian adults favor emotion over truth and use paraphrasing of scripture as an excuse to not go deeper in understanding for starters. Now although people in the Bible ate bull, quail and other meat than only lamb, I thought it would be good to include nutrition facts of lamb since Jesus is called The Lamb and The Word, as perspective to the spiritual nutrition we deprive development. Ironically, glancing at nutrition of lamb, there are two components that pop out at me. Lamb meat has ample vitamin B12 and Zinc among other vitamins and minerals.

* “Vitamin B12: Important for blood formation and the function of the brain, vitamin B12 is only found in animal-derived foods, and is absent from vegan diets. Deficiency in vitamin B12 may cause anemia and neurological damage.
* Zinc: Found in high amounts in lamb, zinc is usually much better absorbed from meat than plants. It is an essential mineral that is important for growth and the formation of hormones, such as insulin and testosterone.”

I chose these particular ones since I’ve been writing how the body of Christ and our spiritual minds need to grow in understanding. In one of the milk articles included, i found it interesting that it included how milk fills up the body so the body doesn’t desire other food. Problem is the majority has for so long been tasting we are “unskilled in the word of righteousness.” (Hebrews 5:13 NKJV) ( The first time the word “skill” is introduced in scripture is regarding the Tabernacle in Exodus 35:35 NKJV. “Tapestry makers, engravers, weavers, designers,” ( from a majority who had for 400 years been slaves (which no doubt included various trainings) and yet, many were brick makers and manual labor building whatever pharaoh desired which included architects. At the tabernacle all these skills came together. It is my hearts prayer to see growth in skill as such and for the hearts of His people to desire a deeper relationship with Him.


Wonder Woman: The Light & The Dark

I saw Wonder Woman, a movie that had gotten praise from those around me, so, as always I went to see it myself to form my own thoughts. Mind you, the three people who came into the theater during the previews who sat next to me in their reserved seats, one of them was an older gentleman who had a prosthetic leg. Whether he was a soldier or whatever happened, I understand how Wonder Woman can resonate how the film depicts her to people with her metallic deflection ability, her feminine strength not only in battle but dignity, a warrior who observes about human nature, who tells the Scotsman who is dealing with internal battles, “who will sing for us?”

After watching, I sat at barnes and noble thinking for a time, staring at the Christian bookshelf, reflecting on all those we look up to, whose books are read and why. How, before the camera, people’s books were respected and read and recommended without having to identify a book by whose face is in it. Am I saying comics are evil? No. Not even close. I just observe how different things are now. I looked at book covers and ones such as C.S. Lewis & Oswald Chambers and even more modern ones today like John McArthur and Max Lucado and Jen Hatmaker don’t seem to be threatened that no one will read what they have to say if their face isn’t stamped on the cover or that it is the cover. Am I saying that people who do are insecure and evil? I don’t know them so I can’t make a fair call on that. I’m just looking at book covers. Aren’t I supposed to be writing about Wonder Woman? What on earth does any of what I’ve said so far have anything to do with the movie? Why I was reflecting on how this world has changed is because there was a lot of change in Diana’s world as Wonder Woman. But also four ways how she is changing world views of women who watch this.

1. The Influence of Not Needing Someone

Now, it is true that codependency is not healthy and that needing someone to fulfill the God hole in the heart is not a healthy outlook. Whenever a movie such as this with a strong female protagonist comes out I hear it from one or more women, the relief and happiness that a movie shows a woman who doesn’t need a man. However we ought to use caution when we apply this not needing a man mentality as women of faith. Healthy hearts appreciate being wanted. We, in our confusion, often interchange the two very different words. Some people use other people for what that person can give them. Some people run from the things they need to be taught or enriched. Neither is a great place. I see more and more people in the time and world I live in now proclaim independence as a good thing. I’m not saying everyone is to get married. Indeed, there are those who rejoice in their calling to be kingdom eunuchs. But independence is something Wonder Woman can’t address because she in essence is a reincarnation that inconsistently will not die.

2. The Theological and Cultural Mishmash with the Film

One of the things that interested me in going to see this film to begin with was the fact that the media was perpetuating the racial issue of Wonder Woman being a “white” Israeli woman. I find it very interesting that that took front page and is what people are talking about, rather than the issues that an Israeli woman who believes in the living God would do this pantheistic film. The real God, who isn’t Zeus, doesn’t die. Well, I know that! You might say. But do we really anymore? Do we distinguish things? I hear more and more people in the world I live in mash fiction writers who research and care about truth into a lump with those who only care about their opinion and write what makes people “feel good”. Spoiler alert backstory to the film for those who haven’t seen it. Diana’s mother tells the backstory to Diana that Zeus and Aries God of war had a fight and with Zeus last breath he made the God destroyer sword. Only thing is, as we find later in the story, Diana is the God destroyer because in this story, only another god can kill a god. What makes the tailored theology of this film intriguing is they make Zeus out as if He is God, because like the Biblical account, Zeus makes all mankind good and Aries poisons humanity against each other. So once again, we are spiritually being conditioned and taught that humor, creativity, dignity and totally human moments such as when her heart breaks are and ought to be separated from sound teaching. As a messianic and possible Jew, as I recently found that some Hahns were Germanic Jews, I read of Paul’s passion to reach his own people, having met Messiah and of the travels to reach Greek Gentiles as well, rather than adopting human creativity over Ruach inspired creativity. It’s a favorite lie of the enemy to get us as humans to believe that God is boring or that God Himself is bored as an explanation as to why God does things and pull us away from the vast diversity created, many things that have gone extinct doe to our rejected responsibility.

3. The Aspiration to be God

Now, is Wonder Woman the protagonist? Yes. Does her very humanesque qualities of compassion and honor resonate with you and I? Yes. Do I know the depth of love she felt for the soldier she befriended and how a heart can let out a rending cry at death’s separation? Yes. Do I need to use discernment especially as a woman who knows emotions and their power picking who I aspire to be like? Yes. The downside to deity or semi diety characters in stories is often that they outlive the one they love. In the film, Midnight in Paris, Gertrude Stein tells the protagonist essentially that stories must offer a solution to the reader. Wonder woman’s solution was to not let anyone in again. This is the world’s view of God: good, but distant and impersonal.

One may argue that she isn’t impersonal that she embraces her job to save humanity, but her personal connection with them is the object, a photo, a memory, past tense rather than futuristic and/or present. We see the Living God who is unlike all other “gods” whom the Bible defines as idols, declare that he has plans for us of good and a future that show up consistently in scripture with sending His only son to be the bridge of atonement for the Sin that comes between God and ourselves. Diana has no connection to her father. Jesus is the only way to God and IS connected to the Father.

Rejection of Truth over Popularity

The world and especially the film world is pushing a woman deity, not only with Wonder Woman, but the heretical Shack as well. My biggest problem is Christians and Messianic believers positive response to the film, whether or not they keep up with the film world (as I try to) that this film is proclaimed as: “Might be the most accurate on screen depiction of Biblical womanhood…” by Marileete Sanchez. Looking at Acts 19, Paul went to Asia and out to the world spreading the word of Yeshua and in this chapter we see from the worshippers of Diana such an attachment (instigated by those who made money off of Diana merchandise, if you will, to those who looked and truly believed in her) that the crowd Did this:


““So not only is this trade of ours in danger of falling into disrepute, but also the temple of the great goddess Diana may be despised and her magnificence destroyed,[fn] whom all Asia and the world worship. Now when they heard this, they were full of wrath and cried out, saying, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!””NKJV


“But when they found out that he was a Jew, all with one voice cried out for about two hours, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!””NKJV

TWO HOURS! It strikes me as interesting that there still is a strong attachment of people to this goddess and the “hope” the story inspires and that it is  arising in a new wave of competition with the story of the gospel, conditioning and trying to influence even people who say they love Yeshua to admire this goddess more than any biblical real women. As a female gentile believer and independent film producer, this truly gets my goat that the “Christian” nation I live in has been so long complacent that people would rather admire and let others teach us that deities who cannot help us have biblical flare rather than rising to the challenge cinematically to portray real women’s stories both biblically and currently. Unlike Acts 19 though, very few have taken up a Pauline or Alexander heart. He wanted to tell the worshippers of this goddess the truth, but they were convinced they knew that her story was truth. People who loved and love Diana are still defending her, as Acts 19 notes, that her temple would not be despised nor her magnificence destroyed (v27 blueletterbible).

Although God has nurturing qualities we see reflected in the feminine, that does not change the fact He refers to Himself and the Holy Spirit as “He”. Even in ancient history people worshipped false female deities. I reflect on The scriptures how when The glory of God shone from Moshe’s face, the people did not fall down and worship Moses because they had encountered God at Sinai and seen His response to the golden calf, even though they grumbled and complained like children regarding food and assumption of God’s plan. There were certain things, even as spiritual children that they knew better. I find it ironic how many people will accept the comfort of the lies that this film perpetuates because the protagonist is not about being lazy. I see more and more people in the world I live in as opposed to the one I grew up in that even Christians accept this ideal of being their own God, thinking they have self sufficient strength or thinking faith, unhinged from the many other aspects of God ignoring both design and pattern.

It is Satan’s desire to be God. It is his plan to get our minds so conditioned as to not distinguish him from God, as he will set up in future as spoken in The prophet Daniel, as if he is God. There is an innate desire for power in us, but if we don’t connect with power of the Holy Spirit and learn the power of Truth true power will never be known, nor will we learn, nor thrive in making films with biblical women or aligning women who are stronger than Wonder Woman younger women aspire seeing the strength of God instead of just seeing it anywhere or everywhere, as so many Christians have goo goo-ed over how biblical this secular character seems to them.

My hope is that we not destroy the Christian scifantasy world but actually kingdom build in bringing admirable protagonists to the screen that will actually kingdom build instead of destroying biblically aligning stories that leave audiences awed at God, rather than glorifying the secular as more powerful than actual biblical people and leaving a path of light bulb shards of really great stories and concepts that actually glorify Him without vomiting the gospel.

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