Love: Not an Expiriment

I have made a few mistakes in my life when it comes to choice of love. I am an artist, and in the past “loved” love, which is not entirely a bad thing. God is love, and to have His heart to love is a great gift to share. But, it can also be taken advantage of, even though people claim Christ do not always lead fruitful lives. Just as scripture calls us not to ask who will go to heaven or hell as spoken of in Romans 10:6-8, so too does God not wish us to nullify feelings. The Christian popular colloquialism is to use the idea (or saying) not to trust our feelings because they can lead us astray. Now, for years as a writer, people have brought up on occasion my fascination of word usage, calling me “nit picky”. However, I believe that when we speak something we give it power to influence our thoughts, and ironically our feelings, toward various topics.

The scripture has a lot to say about feelings, or sense. For starters, as an artist, God designed us to feel and sense. Bugs have to rely mostly on their antennae. Snakes smell through their tongues. But us? We don’t have fur. We were given skin. Merely googling my question of how many nerve endings the body contains, estimates 95-100 billion! On top of that we have ears and eyes and tongue and nose. Perhaps we do not give enough gravity or breadth to the statement about not trusting or following our heart/feelings/senses. Perhaps we should rectify the doctrinal statement to: we shouldn’t trust our feelings devoid of wisdom. Why? What is the big deal, you ask? Because to borrow another colloquialism: “it goes without saying”. If things go without saying, without challenge or inspection for truth that thing will keep going out and spreading.

The Bible has a lot to say about discernment and wisdom. Feelings devoid of scriptural founding, yes, will lead us astray. However, that does not mean (as many of us know) that we should ignore our feelings altogether. The scripture also has a lot to say about the lack of feeling, the uncompassionate, the burned conscience, etc. It differentiates between the heart of stone and the heart of flesh. Because I have made not-so-smart choices in my own love life, and because of that now struggle with love and trust of another person ever again, I hate to see anyone pass up what could be something lasting if God is leading them toward someone, just because the church may tell them to not trust what God gave them. I am not saying at ALL to get with someone before marriage, nononono. I am merely stating that the colloquialism not to trust our feelings, is in itself, a feeling, or a lack of feeling. It is called fear. Not fear of God but of man. God (Who is love…pure love casts out fear). Fear is also described as a spirit in scripture, and we are called to test the spiritual/spirits against scripture. If it doesn’t sit well with what scripture has told us to be true, that is a sense to our hearts and spirit for a reason. We, our hearts, are also soul/spirit, so we need to test our own desires with those of Our Creator.

I hope people here have had a blessed Valentines Day and pass this along to those struggling with feelings. Feelings, are in essence, an occurrence when something external touches our bodies or soul/aura, or minds. It can be gentle, hurtful, deceptive or true and convicting. Take it from not only one who has “loved” love but loved individuals with fierce loyalty as a trait from upbringing, but who found the scriptural truth that we need wisdom in order to trust God’s love and affection for us before we can begin to establish feelings which may be devoid of His trust and wisdom. Before we establish feeling that may not account for God’s feelings in and surrounding any romantic relationship. As I wrote this past week (when questioned on this topic of why not living together before marriage) to keep it simple stupid–it’s about not hiding your light under a bushel and experimentation. Rather it’s about trust and surety.

The mentality of “let us try this out and see if it works” doesn’t work. Even married couples who are Christians get divorced because they don’t either originally have a solid foundation together in Jesus or one or both of them let go of their relationship with Jesus. Even though you may not think you’re hiding when you live together, you’re hiding from the commitment, hiding service and blessing of God, hiding from His blessing on your Union as a public celebration of witnessing what He is doing in each individual unified in marriage as a ministry. Take it from someone who has seen, experienced, read the Word, continues to deepen understanding, and loves feircly because God Himself showed deep, deep love, grace and discipline to me. But, don’t JUST take it from me, take it from Love Himself: God, Who created every billion, zillion of your nerve endings of your body and breathed nafesh (spiritual life, a soul) into you at conception and knows things you cannot even see with your sensory eyes.

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2000 Year Old Curds & Whey

IMG_6880I see it almost everywhere in the “Christian” culture. The spoof of the “Got Milk” slogan as “Got Jesus.” The promotion in Christian circles of “milk of the word” (meaning the Bible). It strikes me that in this age of information that even though people who are not professional nutritionists are privy to Google’s wealth and yet so often do not put the physical truth and spiritual truth side by side, as if our core and shell are two entirely different entities incapable of being affected similarly if not parallel.

I hear “Milk!” promoted and preached from the pulpit and repeated by congregants, and the purity of a mother’s milk as a positive thing. I’ve heard this in church for over a decade and have yet to see another article on this topic where mothers (who have given birth and know the necessity of weaning) speak up to this spiritual deficiency in the church. Hearing another “milk of the word” referenced recently caused me to take a look at the whole verse again. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know there are a lot of spiritual babes out there who need and are benefiting from actual pure milk. But, when the only popular meat reference in Christianity is a t-shirt that reads “Jesus King” instead of “Burger King,” I think we need to take a look at the whole of the verse so many repeat:

“I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able; for you are still carnal. For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?”
1 Corinthians 3:2-3 (

Here we see Paul starts in past tense. Fed. We also see that Paul (a single man with Pharisee background) is able to assess that there is a problem. He sees they are stuck, treading milk, if you will, because they would rather be carnal than receive and desire to know more about God. Thinking on this, I got inspired with the title for this article. I thought, “This problem was going on approximately 2000 years ago. That’s some pretty sour milk by now!” I began thinking of the Little Miff Moffet nursery rhyme and how easily she was scared by the spider while she munched down her curds and whey. Just like Miss Moffet, so many who claim the name of their Creator, who claim the name of Yeshua rationalize their carnality and portray to those who don’t know Yeshua/Jesus that it’s ok to get inebriated, to post social media crushes or objectify or idealize the opposite gender, even though those people didn’t die for our eternity. They get scared of the darkness around them instead of growing into disciples and a warrior bride for The Warrior, respecting Him above fearing whatever the enemy is allowed to in order to test us..

The writer of Hebrews shares:

“For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is,those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”
Hebrews 5:13-14 NKJV (

Solomon reminds us in Proverbs that churning milk makes butter. Butter is known to be a fattening food and can clog arteries. So just as physical butter clogs the physical blood stream, so too does spiritual butter prevent the oxygen of the Holy Spirit or Ruach Hakodesh from replenishing our spiritual life, given that “the life of the creature is in the blood”. (Lev 17:11 NKJV) ( Yet, American culture is still largely churning the milk of the word and at times not even pure milk, but rather humanized formula!

Although incomplete scriptures can minister to those designed with a simple mind, not everyone is designed with a simple mind. Not everyone with a simple mind is a babe in Christ. Incomplete scripture delivery are not falsehoods, but they can hinder understanding when context and follow up are not included. Milk is given for growth. However, if we have been churning the milk, the issue, this particular scripture for nearly 2000 years, what are we churning it for still and what else are we expending but some very unhealthy results?

Google has some very interesting food reminders. In physical butter, its oils go bad as it expires. So, if Christians are churning 2000 year old butter, just imagine how sour the Holy Spirit (biblically illustrated as anointing oil) tastes to those who don’t know what we proclaim that we do.

Butter churning is not our scriptural vocation. Desiring the pure milk of the gospel is–for GROWTH, as Peter imparts in 1 Peter 2. Peter’s charge from Yeshua Himself was to feed His sheep. He (along with the other foundational disciples) were commissioned to making disciples, not converts as has been so popular in Christianity. Paul’s calling was preaching and proving that Jesus was the Christ Acts 9:20&22 NKJV. ( The disciples both walked with The Word and studied The Word in the Torah. I say this because there are renewed movements in Christianity. There are some who focus on God’s love over mere discernment to oppose the “only need the Bible” folks who mostly bereave themselves of experiencing others testimony and prayers and the twofold power needed in overcoming. Likewise, those who shy away from the scripture, focusing mostly in on God’s love, also bereave themselves and encourage others to not know the accountability part of God. Each rather tend to try to dissect God to some degree. Discipleship in both areas is needed.

So what does growth by pure milk look like? Well, Peter gives us more elaboration in 1 Peter 2: (

-offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:5 NKJV

-proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 NKJV

-having your conduct honorable among the Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify God in the day of visitation. 1 Peter 2:12 NKJV

-that by doing good (verses about submission to leaders) you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men—1 Peter 2:15 NKJV

-For what credit is it if, when you are beaten for your faults, you take it patiently? But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God. 1 Peter 2:20 NKJV

Five foundational things. When we don’t grow, we hurt God’s credibility to the bankrupt and diminish our spiritual inheritance of blessed investment. As said at the beginning, I’ve never birthed a child and I’m not a nutritionist, but I love information. So, it interested me to read two particular articles (which I’ll include here at the end) that pointed out:

“The research found that by age 2, babies who had been breastfed exclusively for at least three months had enhanced development in key parts of the brain compared to children who were fed formula exclusively or who were fed a combination of formula and breastmilk. The extra growth was most pronounced in parts of the brain associated with language, emotional function, and cognition, the research showed.”

“…too much milk can fill kids up, increasing the likelihood that they forgo other nutrient-rich foods.”

If milk is calcium rich and ministers to the bones, we are spiritually skeletal and hard in texture and interaction. What are we doing to help our muscles and other internal systems of the body of Christ? I’ve already seen that Christian adults favor emotion over truth and use paraphrasing of scripture as an excuse to not go deeper in understanding for starters. Now although people in the Bible ate bull, quail and other meat than only lamb, I thought it would be good to include nutrition facts of lamb since Jesus is called The Lamb and The Word, as perspective to the spiritual nutrition we deprive development. Ironically, glancing at nutrition of lamb, there are two components that pop out at me. Lamb meat has ample vitamin B12 and Zinc among other vitamins and minerals.

* “Vitamin B12: Important for blood formation and the function of the brain, vitamin B12 is only found in animal-derived foods, and is absent from vegan diets. Deficiency in vitamin B12 may cause anemia and neurological damage.
* Zinc: Found in high amounts in lamb, zinc is usually much better absorbed from meat than plants. It is an essential mineral that is important for growth and the formation of hormones, such as insulin and testosterone.”

I chose these particular ones since I’ve been writing how the body of Christ and our spiritual minds need to grow in understanding. In one of the milk articles included, i found it interesting that it included how milk fills up the body so the body doesn’t desire other food. Problem is the majority has for so long been tasting we are “unskilled in the word of righteousness.” (Hebrews 5:13 NKJV) ( The first time the word “skill” is introduced in scripture is regarding the Tabernacle in Exodus 35:35 NKJV. “Tapestry makers, engravers, weavers, designers,” ( from a majority who had for 400 years been slaves (which no doubt included various trainings) and yet, many were brick makers and manual labor building whatever pharaoh desired which included architects. At the tabernacle all these skills came together. It is my hearts prayer to see growth in skill as such and for the hearts of His people to desire a deeper relationship with Him.


Wonder Woman: The Light & The Dark

IMG_6888I saw Wonder Woman, a movie that had gotten praise from those around me, so, as always I went to see it myself to form my own thoughts. Mind you, the three people who came into the theater during the previews who sat next to me in their reserved seats, one of them was an older gentleman who had a prosthetic leg. Whether he was a soldier or whatever happened, I understand how Wonder Woman can resonate how the film depicts her to people with her metallic deflection ability, her feminine strength not only in battle but dignity, a warrior who observes about human nature, who tells the Scotsman who is dealing with internal battles, “who will sing for us?”

After watching, I sat at barnes and noble thinking for a time, staring at the Christian bookshelf, reflecting on all those we look up to, whose books are read and why. How, before the camera, people’s books were respected and read and recommended without having to identify a book by whose face is in it. Am I saying comics are evil? No. Not even close. I just observe how different things are now. I looked at book covers and ones such as C.S. Lewis & Oswald Chambers and even more modern ones today like John McArthur and Max Lucado and Jen Hatmaker don’t seem to be threatened that no one will read what they have to say if their face isn’t stamped on the cover or that it is the cover. Am I saying that people who do are insecure and evil? I don’t know them so I can’t make a fair call on that. I’m just looking at book covers. Aren’t I supposed to be writing about Wonder Woman? What on earth does any of what I’ve said so far have anything to do with the movie? Why I was reflecting on how this world has changed is because there was a lot of change in Diana’s world as Wonder Woman. But also four ways how she is changing world views of women who watch this.

1. The Influence of Not Needing Someone

Now, it is true that codependency is not healthy and that needing someone to fulfill the God hole in the heart is not a healthy outlook. Whenever a movie such as this with a strong female protagonist comes out I hear it from one or more women, the relief and happiness that a movie shows a woman who doesn’t need a man. However we ought to use caution when we apply this not needing a man mentality as women of faith. Healthy hearts appreciate being wanted. We, in our confusion, often interchange the two very different words. Some people use other people for what that person can give them. Some people run from the things they need to be taught or enriched. Neither is a great place. I see more and more people in the time and world I live in now proclaim independence as a good thing. I’m not saying everyone is to get married. Indeed, there are those who rejoice in their calling to be kingdom eunuchs. But independence is something Wonder Woman can’t address because she in essence is a reincarnation that inconsistently will not die.

2. The Theological and Cultural Mishmash with the Film

One of the things that interested me in going to see this film to begin with was the fact that the media was perpetuating the racial issue of Wonder Woman being a “white” Israeli woman. I find it very interesting that that took front page and is what people are talking about, rather than the issues that an Israeli woman who believes in the living God would do this pantheistic film. The real God, who isn’t Zeus, doesn’t die. Well, I know that! You might say. But do we really anymore? Do we distinguish things? I hear more and more people in the world I live in mash fiction writers who research and care about truth into a lump with those who only care about their opinion and write what makes people “feel good”. Spoiler alert backstory to the film for those who haven’t seen it. Diana’s mother tells the backstory to Diana that Zeus and Aries God of war had a fight and with Zeus last breath he made the God destroyer sword. Only thing is, as we find later in the story, Diana is the God destroyer because in this story, only another god can kill a god. What makes the tailored theology of this film intriguing is they make Zeus out as if He is God, because like the Biblical account, Zeus makes all mankind good and Aries poisons humanity against each other. So once again, we are spiritually being conditioned and taught that humor, creativity, dignity and totally human moments such as when her heart breaks are and ought to be separated from sound teaching. As a messianic and possible Jew, as I recently found that some Hahns were Germanic Jews, I read of Paul’s passion to reach his own people, having met Messiah and of the travels to reach Greek Gentiles as well, rather than adopting human creativity over Ruach inspired creativity. It’s a favorite lie of the enemy to get us as humans to believe that God is boring or that God Himself is bored as an explanation as to why God does things and pull us away from the vast diversity created, many things that have gone extinct doe to our rejected responsibility.

3. The Aspiration to be God

Now, is Wonder Woman the protagonist? Yes. Does her very humanesque qualities of compassion and honor resonate with you and I? Yes. Do I know the depth of love she felt for the soldier she befriended and how a heart can let out a rending cry at death’s separation? Yes. Do I need to use discernment especially as a woman who knows emotions and their power picking who I aspire to be like? Yes. The downside to deity or semi diety characters in stories is often that they outlive the one they love. In the film, Midnight in Paris, Gertrude Stein tells the protagonist essentially that stories must offer a solution to the reader. Wonder woman’s solution was to not let anyone in again. This is the world’s view of God: good, but distant and impersonal.

One may argue that she isn’t impersonal that she embraces her job to save humanity, but her personal connection with them is the object, a photo, a memory, past tense rather than futuristic and/or present. We see the Living God who is unlike all other “gods” whom the Bible defines as idols, declare that he has plans for us of good and a future that show up consistently in scripture with sending His only son to be the bridge of atonement for the Sin that comes between God and ourselves. Diana has no connection to her father. Jesus is the only way to God and IS connected to the Father.

Rejection of Truth over Popularity

The world and especially the film world is pushing a woman deity, not only with Wonder Woman, but the heretical Shack as well. My biggest problem is Christians and Messianic believers positive response to the film, whether or not they keep up with the film world (as I try to) that this film is proclaimed as: “Might be the most accurate on screen depiction of Biblical womanhood…” by Marileete Sanchez. Looking at Acts 19, Paul went to Asia and out to the world spreading the word of Yeshua and in this chapter we see from the worshippers of Diana such an attachment (instigated by those who made money off of Diana merchandise, if you will, to those who looked and truly believed in her) that the crowd Did this:


““So not only is this trade of ours in danger of falling into disrepute, but also the temple of the great goddess Diana may be despised and her magnificence destroyed,[fn] whom all Asia and the world worship. Now when they heard this, they were full of wrath and cried out, saying, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!””NKJV


“But when they found out that he was a Jew, all with one voice cried out for about two hours, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!””NKJV

TWO HOURS! It strikes me as interesting that there still is a strong attachment of people to this goddess and the “hope” the story inspires and that it is  arising in a new wave of competition with the story of the gospel, conditioning and trying to influence even people who say they love Yeshua to admire this goddess more than any biblical real women. As a female gentile believer and independent film producer, this truly gets my goat that the “Christian” nation I live in has been so long complacent that people would rather admire and let others teach us that deities who cannot help us have biblical flare rather than rising to the challenge cinematically to portray real women’s stories both biblically and currently. Unlike Acts 19 though, very few have taken up a Pauline or Alexander heart. He wanted to tell the worshippers of this goddess the truth, but they were convinced they knew that her story was truth. People who loved and love Diana are still defending her, as Acts 19 notes, that her temple would not be despised nor her magnificence destroyed (v27 blueletterbible).

Although God has nurturing qualities we see reflected in the feminine, that does not change the fact He refers to Himself and the Holy Spirit as “He”. Even in ancient history people worshipped false female deities. I reflect on The scriptures how when The glory of God shone from Moshe’s face, the people did not fall down and worship Moses because they had encountered God at Sinai and seen His response to the golden calf, even though they grumbled and complained like children regarding food and assumption of God’s plan. There were certain things, even as spiritual children that they knew better. I find it ironic how many people will accept the comfort of the lies that this film perpetuates because the protagonist is not about being lazy. I see more and more people in the world I live in as opposed to the one I grew up in that even Christians accept this ideal of being their own God, thinking they have self sufficient strength or thinking faith, unhinged from the many other aspects of God ignoring both design and pattern.

It is Satan’s desire to be God. It is his plan to get our minds so conditioned as to not distinguish him from God, as he will set up in future as spoken in The prophet Daniel, as if he is God. There is an innate desire for power in us, but if we don’t connect with power of the Holy Spirit and learn the power of Truth true power will never be known, nor will we learn, nor thrive in making films with biblical women or aligning women who are stronger than Wonder Woman younger women aspire seeing the strength of God instead of just seeing it anywhere or everywhere, as so many Christians have goo goo-ed over how biblical this secular character seems to them.

My hope is that we not destroy the Christian scifantasy world but actually kingdom build in bringing admirable protagonists to the screen that will actually kingdom build instead of destroying biblically aligning stories that leave audiences awed at God, rather than glorifying the secular as more powerful than actual biblical people and leaving a path of light bulb shards of really great stories and concepts that actually glorify Him without vomiting the gospel.

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Our “Sinful” God

I myself have been judged by people who do not have all the facts, but God calls us to uses discernment, which is a form of judgement. It has become a popular school of thought in the New Testament only church to applaud opinions and celebrate them, but to teach others that judgement is a sin. When I hear that it grieves me that people actually hook onto this as a solution to the question what is the greatest sin. What is the greatest sin is not something that I see Jesus verbally address in His infallible word. He does say that anything not of faith is sin. That is how our Savior, through Paul, for those who claim Him defines sin. John, the discipline Jesus loved, writes the definition of sin as “lawlessness” or in CJB version, “violation of Torah”. In today’s society Webster associates this with “disrespect”, however, the Hebrew translation of violation has much darker, intimate tonage when illustrating the word “violate”. Paul was blinded by His Creator for a short time after meeting Him, being held responsible for judging others and putting Yeshua’s faithful to death. John, one of the 12 disciples was entrusted by the Word with care of His mother, Mary, as he watched Jesus take our judgement. I dare say these two have some weight on what Jesus had to say about defining judgement. So, if someone is teaching others that judgement is a sin would also have to (by their own premise) call Jesus a sinner. And according to human definition, Jesus has now sinned in both Old and New Testament. But then those who teach say Jesus and God are the exemption, that Jesus and God are pure and Holy and cannot sin. But, by human definition judgement from the pulpits is being defined as a sin, as if God is telling teachers to teach this to their flocks! As if their human walk, experience (though maybe relatable) is inspired by God. Jesus was relatable but He did not deviate from the Father, who gave the law.

So convenient that God is a sinner exempt from the sin He keeps committing. No wonder so many people believe they can do whatever they want and abuse Our Savior’s atonement! This is grievous, alarming and infuriating all at once. Teachers who do teach this are by their own words teaching others that it’s ok for Jesus to sin, but followers of Jesus should not sin, should not judge, should not use any discernment. Even though, I’m almost positive such teachers might deny they are teaching others to be undiscerning. There is a difference between God working unconventionally vs “God” working uncovenently. God, unlike mankind, keeps His Covenant. He works unconventional. Googling the etymology of “convenient” the Latin and English give a illustration of assembly and agreement. I believe He is able to work out good things even though we may while we yet don’t know Him or loosely understand who He is because we don’t read His word and seek after His Spirit and test other spirits or how what others are telling us in our lives what may seem collectively of God but go against His word, but I like a lot of people could’ve saved myself trusting in my own understanding. So I don’t want others to go through the grief I did. Such pain is not necessary for you, but often we as humans are greedy, selfish and want to justify our actions.

The scripture again and again shows according to human premise, there is a whole book in the Bible dedicated to sinners, called judges, those wise elders who God appointed to help Moses were “sinners” and our whole future is wrought with sin as well since we are told in the New Testament we will judge the angels. What is the common theme consistently that we find in scripture? Judge not? Or is it, “Judge not, LEST you be judged.” Sounds very much like the echo repeated in treat others how you wish to be treated and asking God to forgive us the way we forgive others wrongs against us. Sin defined by God is lawlessness or violation of the Torah. Judgement in itself is not a sin, injustice, however is. Injustice is shown throughout history because we haven’t learnt yet, is judgement used without Godly wisdom. If we do not define things really looking into the Bible how it defines things, we cannot understand, cannot grasp either the law nor the richness of our inheritance.

Just as when we name things. When we give something a name, when we call someone or a pet, command a spirit by name, we demand the recipients ears. When we hear our own name being called, we turn to see who it is who called out our name. Likewise, things that God created cry out. Though some believe this to be metaphorical like rocks crying out or the passage where wisdom cries out in proverbs, our own spirit created by God cry out almost every day at all the sin we see that hurts us and others we care about. Hope does not lie in a sinner God of exemption but a wise and discerning Judge who calls us to be like Him. To understand judgement and justice, we need to look in His word wholistically (use a concordance) and ask His Holy Spirit to distinguish Himself from spirits of deception so you may be able to discern and call out evil and sin for you to build up the Holy Kingdom. For the Bible also defines sin as anything that does not come from faith. Therefore, to teach that judgement, and hence the Judge is the greatest sin is sin (blasphemous sin). Lack of discernment and righteous judgement in line with God’s word disconnects us from discerning and deeper understanding the mind and heart of our Savior and Lord and rather hooks us up with deception and distrust, believing Him the Sinner exempt from the greatest sin, Whom we are to be like. Jesus said to pull the plank out of our own eye BEFORE removing the splinter in others so we would know how much it hurt, so we could wisely judge with empathy, so we could testify that it’s a painful but necessary process to pull out the unholy. And that we can’t do it without Him. If we only remove our own plank out our eye, without helping our brother or sister, we are merely self serving. If we remain only splinter removers, we are not true witnesses because our own eye is not healed.

Prov 13:34

1Corinthians 15:56

1John 3:4

Romans 14:23

Micah 3:5-6IMG_6891

Untroubled & Aware

It’s been on my mind for a while: the issue of prophesy and the end times and deceit. The issue in Christianity of feeling as an individual the strength to withstand the enemy and yet not seeing what we allow in both our physical homes and our minds to take root. This is by no means A DIScouragement to use the gifts that God wants us to to desire through the Holy Spirit. This is just a encouragement to be aware. This is also NOT a bash on Bethel and the pursuing of signs and wonders, I merely attach the name because most people are familiar with the church name and I am just using as example since I live near Redding Northern California. There are many churches who encourage their congregation to overcome the fear of man. As a believer who has gained some wisdom and has a deep love of the Word and seeking out what God has told us, I wanted to address in a short article the issue of believers taking in things that God specifically denotes as abominable and causes a rift that needs reconciliation.

Christians fall back on “faith/trust” in God so much that he will protect them while they welcome the demonic or anti creation into their minds and homes and believe that God will give them the strength despite their decisions, they do not realize they are doing things on their own strength and belief. I have to wonder and to call into question if this is truly faith, or is it actually self deceit…a pride in religion, namely Christianity. When deceit is mentioned in scripture, Jeremiah 49:16 tells us, “Your fierceness has deceived you,….” as well as Obadiah 1:3 ” The pride of your heart has deceived you,…” (NKJV Other indicators of this condition include making ones nest and a disbelief that anyone/thing can bring them down from the cleft of the rock.

The apostle Paul, James and John write against the lies the enemy wants us to believe. Only we allow ourselves to be swayed to believe these six particular lies

A) Fornicators, idolators, adulterers, homosexuals, sodomites, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revivers and extortioners will inherit the Kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)
B) Evil company does not corrupt good habits (1 Corinthians 15:33)
C) We cannot be corrupted by the simplicity that is in Christ (meaning if we only remain in the beginning without growing) (2 Corinthians 11:3)
D) That God can be mocked (Galatians 6:7)
E) That one’s own desires do not, when conceived give birth to sin, and when sin is full grown it does not bring forth death. (James1:14-17)
F) That sorcery does not deceive (Revelation 18:23)


The according scripture verses/ passages address these lies others try to bring against us with the truth, exposing the deceit. Four direct times we see: “do not be deceived.” We are deceived two major ways: From others and from Self deceit. I found this additional article on the process of self deception, for deception comes from other people and from self: (just be mindful, it is written by a non believer, yet reveals psychological processes)

How do we combat deceit?

By not disregarding the scripture and not disregarding the Holy Spirit. Because if we do not disregard that, we WILL be disregarding the enemy, the one who desires to be god and have glory and attention. I heard a very, very good and true word from a pastor this weekend that before we learn how to walk as a Christian, babes in Christ, just like babies in the created order of things, learn to sit up, crawl and then walk, we must first learn to sit, in order to deeper understand the authority of Christ.

A mindset has crept into the Christian “culture” if you will, that even though we admit we are not without sin, people have started to think and believe that we can’t be deceived. Not only were Adam and Eve in their perfect state deceived (and we are not in a perfect state this side of heaven) Matthew, Mark’s & Luke’s gospels reveal that the enemy will seek even to deceive the elect. Hence, the need to sit and learn of God’s word, then walk and grow in wisdom.

We see in the Old Testament in the redemptive story of Moses confronting Pharaoh with signs that the magicians, at least for a while attempted and succeeded in repeating the exact miracles Moses was told to show to Pharoah. I believe very much a time of shift is coming. Yahweh only knows when, but we need to brace ourselves for battle when it comes to signs and wonders. Matthew 24 peels back a pattern. The enemy often works by wearing down people to acceptance if you do not replenish and daily renew your mind. For quite a while now with new-age movements and spring up cults we have had false christs spring up claiming they are Christ. War and rumors of war has been going on for a while but is reaching a new increase.

We are told by our Savior not to be troubled. Although America hasn’t gotten to the Christian killing point yet, its only a matter of time. Other countries for quite some time now have been crying out. Though America hasn’t had any major famine or pestilence, there has been increased earthquakes. These things are specified in various places. Famines have been elsewhere round the world. We see and some poke fun of how easily people get offended these days especially on the internet. Amidst these things that seem out of order, there is a repeat in the chapter that appears more structured, not that it definitively is specifically, however it gives us a clue. People claiming to be Christ. False prophets rising up. Am I saying Bethel and others as such are the false prophets?! No. Each persons prophesy must be subject to the prophets, meaning in alignment and agreement with God’s word. Accountable. What I am saying, though, is be aware and unsurprised because when real prophets and real Christians stand up, it is the enemy’s method of operation to try to claim glory which is not his. Glory belongs to Creator God.

Notice the recurrence that the false prophets AND false christs will perform signs and wonders. This discredits God in people’s eyes. It’s a follow up, “I can do what God can” disqualification and tests if we can truly tell the real Jesus, to see how much we know about the one to Whom we avowed our souls. Satan can never be who God is, was and will be. Repeated in Matthew 24 two times, we are told the enemy will try to deceive EVEN THE ELECT by signs and wonders and also by location (“Here a Jesus, there a Jesus”) I see people who claim Christ even now believing the 6 major lies in this article that the New Testament addresses.

How we see evidence of God & where do we find God?

Those questions are what the enemy is going to try to give answers to and already is working at providing tickling answers.

“The researchers believe the activation of the hypothalamus indicates that our response to tickling may be a primitive defense mechanism to signal submissiveness in the face of a dominating foe.”

When God talks about his people wanting their ears tickled, that brings a whole new aspect to the situation. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. We hear through our ears. God has no desire nor need to dominate by teasing or tickling, creating a spiritual blockade of defense. He wants us to know Him.

In reflexology, massaging touch of the ear can affect some major organs and systems of the body: the uterer, appendix, gall bladder, brain stem, genitals, pelvic cavity, nose, among other things. Just as the physical body has these various systems that are designed to work together, so too the body of Christ is supposed to work together with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Each body system produces something. The major ones reached by massaging of the ears includes thought/memory, production of new life, production of bile for toxin protection. Our enemy knows this and if he has our ears, he is given access to destroy the spiritual “body systems” of Christ, if you will, that deal with new believers growth, manipulate what we remember, forget or choose to ignore of what God actually spoke to our hearts and in His word, and weaken our knowledge of the Truth destroying our spiritual immune system.

So, how do I identify a false prophet?


Here are some indicative criteria of how we can identify false prophets
1. They will come in sheep’s clothing. (Therefore, you must know what is a sheep and what is a wolf. Moreover, a ravenous wolf. Ravenous nature should be a give-away.)
2. They rise up AND deceive. (Every prophet must rise and grow, start somewhere, but the ones who are from God will not succeed with lies if you study your scripture wholistically and consistently, spending time in prayer with Yeshua.)
3. They will show signs and wonders TO deceive. (Not to give glory to the living God.)
4. All men speak well of them. (There’s no seeking to affirm or confirm with what they say wholistically agrees with scripture.)
5. Their destructive heresies and denial of the Lord are brought in in secret.
(Matthew 7:15, Matthew 24:11, Mark 13:22, Luke 6:26, 2Peter 2:1)


Why does Jesus/Yeshua call us not to be troubled about this very rightly unsettling issue?

Because He is thorough. Because He is The Truth and has given us exactly what we need to study and remember and hold onto. Because He knows not all of His creation will choose to reciprocate the love with which He created them. Because He only designated us to be responsible both for our own relationship with Him AND disciple others that He point us to specifically in the Truth. If we all obey the great commission and go out and make disciples, making by making time, by building holy relationships that the enemy wants to break, not only will we edifying and courage one another, we will be fighting to equip one another. Equip, to my understanding in the Greek, essentially means to restore. Only God can restore and make all things new in the book of Revelation, but we are called to equip, to restore and point others to Jesus/Yeshua who is the only One who can bring restoration to people’s lives.

Rainbow Lips

Recently in my city I saw rainbows and rainbow colors displayed in store windows and business events on social media. I also see it on many social media profiles. Mankind is saying it stands for pride. Pride is not exclusive to the homosexual community, though many have tried to brand/ affiliate it as such. It very much strikes me as ironic that most human beings don’t like stuck up people, prigs or snooty folk, and yet so many people are at the same time declaring it as a quality for themselves. To be proud of being proud.

I look back at the first rainbow in history and it was the most humbling place and situation. God was grieved that he had made man because their imaginings were constantly evil. Did man separate themselves from their evil imaginings? No, they mocked Noah and his family. Did anyone outside Noah’s family stop to consider they could be in the wrong? No. Yet, we as human beings like it when other make the effort to give us the benefit of the doubt. This is what distresses me about those who claim to know the Lord, who claim to have a relationship with Him and who read the Bible (or claim to) posting rainbows as proud friendly, often linked to homosexual-no-need-for-repentance symbol as to where they stand when they have read in scripture the story of Noah, when they’ve read Solomons wisdom, when they’ve read the story of Eden, when they’ve been taught the history of the Roman Empire and the World Wars.

The rainbow and its promise not to destroy the earth by flood should be respected. Noah responded with a offering of gratitude. Yet Christians today are adopting the spiritually twisted Bow of God. The rainbow was originally a kiss of blessing and promise at one of the most humble spots imaginable. God takes it very seriously when His priesthood makes what He created to be Holy to be despised. Yeshua did not come to do away with The law but to fulfill it. Many are still wrapping their minds around this concept trying to figure it out because the falsity has been taught for so long. God does not change. Many people think that’s a bad thing. Some think it impossible. Much of that has to do with Christians not reflecting God’s quality in consistency in their lives. A steadfast walk. Instead, people often encounter burnt out sprinters and meanderers.

One of the ways that God doesn’t change is that He is Holy. Holy means set apart. As Christians many sing, “you are the god unlike any other,” but do we really mean it? Do we take the time to look at what other gods allow and how the Christian “God” we are fashioning is our own carved image, mentally carved? How is our carved God unlike other people’s idols? How is ours differ from the scriptures? So, God is Holy. He cannot change, THANKFULLY!!!!! See, many don’t believe in security and that God is consistent because they haven’t studied scripture enough to see the consistencies themselves, but God being unchanging is a good thing. It’s a security. You know that He won’t change up on you like people do often.

Pride is the method of operation of the enemy of your soul. It’s why he was booted out of heaven. He wanted to be God. So many people now want to be their own God. So many people are taking the position of arrogance they find so unattractive in others and essentially telling their unchangeable Creator Who offers the stability of Himself that He needs to change, not us who were made in His image. In His image. What an intimate and beautiful phrase that ought to humble our hearts. God didn’t just take a piece of a reflection of a mirror He was looking into. He puts a piece of His neverending self which can never run out and gives us the choice to have relationship with Him or not. A wise teacher once said, “We can choose our actions or we can choose our consequences, but we cannot choose both.” We as humans want to choose both, but only Creator has the wisdom to apply these. It makes no sense then to hate God Who pays attention to detail of both the seen and unseen, unless a lie dupes a person. The very first lie put to Eve was the doubt and fear they weren’t like God. We boast pride in so many things. We continue communing with pride in tearing Gods heart. The fact He split the veil down the middle of a place where even the high priest had to have a rope tied round to drag him out lest his sin that he harbored cause death because the person was consumed by the unholy unable to fellowship with the holy means so little to nothing to so many now when it should. It should be respected. Yet He is despised by those who call themselves Christians, who claim priesthood and yet show Hate toward Him by loving the world more than they love the One who created themselves and the ones they claim to love.

Just because God put His bow in the clouds doesn’t mean He is unarmed or weak. Just because He promised not to destroy His footstool by flood does not mean He is changeable and can tolerate pride, abominations and sin. Just because He is Who is doesn’t mean He hates you are takes pleasure in it. Remember God was grieved He made mankind when He sent the flood. Humanity are the ones taking pleasure in grieving the One Who made them. There is a need to stop lying through rainbow lips of promises God never made.

God views humbleness as beautiful and gives scripturally practical things for us to reflect upon observed by those who observed humbleness. Job, who found himself in a very humble spot, instead of cursing God, declares in NKJV 40:11 “Disperse the rage of your wrath; Look on everyone who is proud, and humble him.” King David observes in Psalm 25:9 “The humble He guides in justice, And the humble He teaches His way.” Solomon also tells us that grace is given to the humble (prov 3:34), wisdom is with the humble (prov 11:2), and retention of honor (prov 29:23).

Humbleness :

Justice guider

Opens up God teaching His way

One catalyst of Grace

Wisdom associator

Honor retainer

People reject all these good things when they instead choose instant exaltation.

“Why can’t you ‘just’ be entertained?”

I have heard these questions asked of me many times over, and though I’ve made many shorter comments via social media on this very topic, Its article worthy now to address two of the top questions posed to me, being in the entertainment industry regarding Christianity viewing witchcraft and the occult as entertainment:
1. How is Harry Potter any different from Tolkien or Narnia?

2. Why can’t I “just be” entertained?

Regarding the first issue here, which has been rehashed by many writers, the primary reason Harry Potter and other sorcerers such as him will never be my friend nor hero is  that they and their stories have book of magic incantations for selfish reasons and the relationships within are selfish and unhealthy. In Narnia, Lewis and filmmakers distinguish that potential. Even Secular “Mirror Mirror” of Snow White story and Stars Camelot (which I gave up watching because of the “adult scenes” I didn’t want to be filling my head with) echo that there is a price to magic and the occult. Peter Jackson depicts Gandalf as a character who despite being a wizard, is humble and weary, happy to go to the grey havens, and despite being a wizard, prefers to not use magic because he knows his mentor and superior was beguiled by its power. Aslan in Narnia teaches Lucy reliance upon Him as source of power even though magic exists.

“Why can’t I just be entertained” is rather an absurd, yet insulting question (even if you may not realize or think about it when asking me or anyone else) because it assumes, without any effort of the askers part if I can be entertained and if so, what does entertain me. Often the people who ask this question can’t or won’t distinguish what specifically they find entertaining or why they do. It is important to and mature to know the reason you like and dislike things.

Another approach/response I often get when I express my disappointment in the film industry and more so Christianity’s large acceptance of witchcraft, the occult and the demonic as “entertainment” consists of the person just viewing as entertainment. As a film producer and director, I am more perhaps keenly aware of the hidden teaching agenda of film and television…not in a conspiracy way, mind you, just that when one makes a film, not only is one teaching a message, be it blatant or subtle, there consists a craft to the film making process to guide the viewer’s emotions toward what or away from what is being presented. It is compared to music in a video about editing.

Since the late 90’s Christian complacency has been noted, and now it is largely passive and accepting of witchcraft and are of the world, in the world, rather than not of the world while being in it because our desire for entertainment is greater than desire for God. It seems to behoove and confound people that they could write the or might’ve written this generations Narnia or Tolkien story because the demand for things like Potter are worshipped and lauded. It’s official. Christianity largely has stated taking poison is fun all the while in the back of their mind wondering where the church of Acts went?

So why is God so seemingly harsh on those who practice witchcraft, denying them entrance into Heaven and saying rebellion is as witchcraft?


Witchcraft and rebellion of of the same heartbeat. A heartbeat for control and power. Not one of Trust. It seems entertaining because the user gets to temporarily see the results they wish to through the forces of evil. It is also born of the arrogance ( not just distrust) that people think it’s up to them to take power into their own hands, which is the same spiritual seed Lucifer took hold of that He wanted to be God. People see it as entertaining because they’ve never seen real demons. If they did, I would hope they would change their minds. Witchcraft is compared with rebellion because both say, “I wana do what I wana do.” Christianity’s acceptance of themselves as people above God is leading to a dangerous path and instead of heading, considering, asking about the Truth and reason, it has come to valuing how the individual sees things and viewing drinking poison as fun.

It rather reminds me of a video I recently watched about Victorian England beauty practices. Despite the elaborate and beautiful fabric on the gowns and suits, the time period was obsessed with death, not unlike today. Except, instead of hanging skulls in the car or wearing them as a design on clothing, the people of the Victorian era took tapeworm to remain thin. Now, that we know more, we view this decision as very stupid. We give our dogs heartworm meds every month. We (hopefully) would never dream of putting a live tapeworm in ourselves because we wanted to remain skinny. Thing is, they knew back then even, that there were extreme and often fatal risks in removing the tapeworm. Someone invented a tube to stick down the patient that had food to entice the tapeworm out. Trouble is, patients often choked to death because the adult tapeworm is extremely long and it takes time to extract it. Yet, people worshipped beauty. They worshipped self image. They knew it was dangerous. They knew also the poisonous content they put on their faces to remain pale was deadly, yet they were obsessed with pale skin.

We are worshipping death in different ways now. Now it is with film and story. It may not be a risk to our physical bodies, but it definitely is a risk to our souls. Yet people keep insistently either believing or teaching it won’t hurt our minds and hearts, which we are told to guard. For things, whether good or bad are planted and sprouted there. Scripture tells us that the peace of God will guard us. Trouble is people seek peace in entertainment that does not bring honor to the One with which so many claim to have relationship.

I have experienced witchcraft practiced on me when I was in a place of foolishness. But many Christians have no idea or they don’t care what God thinks over what they themselves think, or in their Desperation for peace, and, instead of seeking it in the scripture and asking Creator for direction, they seek man’s opinion over what God says, by pastors who are unequipped/ unknowleadgeable to the reality of witchcraft, being beguiled themselves, for temporary ease of conscience.

It is very uncomfortable to hear something that makes you feel good is dangerous, especially when one is surrounded by the unreliable. Witchcraft has to do with the forces of darkness. Evil likes to present itself as reliable, but it’s a ruse of slavery and dependency. You might ask well, doesn’t God want us to depend on Him? Unlike the devil, God is not dependent on us and He loves us. Too often is it despised or unconsidered how it breaks His heart that though He made us to know His power, we choose entertainment over truth, that we do not see what He has given us as opposed to what the forces of darkness offer as “cool”. It is out of powerful love that He says not to be deceived. To chronically lack responsibility in that puts a mirror to our spiritual countenance, despising the power of love and wisdom that prevented us from living eternity knowing only good and evil from the garden’s tree of Life and on top of that sending His only Son.

So what does godly entertainment look like?

We seem to have lost sight of that, comparing, rather than distinguishing the difference between how magic is presented. We seem to have forgotten Focus on the family’s long standing, “outdated” Adventures in Odyssey. Webster defines entertainment:
Definition of entertain
* transitive verb
* 1
a archaic :  maintain
b obsolete :  receive
* 2
:  to show hospitality to entertain guests
* 3
a :  to keep, hold, or maintain in the mind I entertain grave doubts about her sincerity
b :  to receive and take into consideration refused to entertainour plea
* 4
:  to provide entertainment for
* 5
:  to play against (an opposing team) on one’s home field or court
We see descriptive here such ” hospitality, maintenance, consideration,…” yet all such things I do not see nor have known in witchcraft. The NT book of Hebrews calls us to entertain strangers (wisely, if the Lord’s Holy Spirit is nudging us to minister to them) because sometimes we might unwittingly entertain angels. I find this verse fascinating personally and humbling that angels themselves who know the power and presence eternally that never grows old still desire godly interactions with us as believers being beings also of choice. The devil had angels follow him to be booted out of heaven. That God’s angels enjoy the interaction with us praising God in good healthy entertainment in the midst of a fallen world prior to us experiencing the ceaseless creativity of God undampened by death.

Therefore, knowing God’s angels enjoy godly entertainment, why is it so strange and why does it then seem so lovely that demons which are fallen angels, desire entertainment as well. Only difference is they desire entertainment at our eternal expense and want us to eat what seems like the tree of life. I am a voice in this generation witnessing my fellow servants cash in to the lie and be beguiled into believing, despite being raised in a time where good was good and evil was evil, that propagation is going a dictorial direction that evil is, in fact good. That despite hearing and reading the Scripture’s Truth that times are going to get harder, that God will pour out His Spirit, that people will most likely get jaded by powerful acts of the supernatural despite the current mockery of the unseen battle as merely fictional and figurative, not for a moment thinking it could actually be real and going on all around them, that people still are drinking poison, calling it entertainment, rather than opening The Forever Standing Word and letting the Holy Spirit pour out in creative writing, film making etc because they fear flesh Father than the One who designed everyone. People do not despise doctors when the doc tells them they have cancer, which is invisible except by scan and symptoms. Yet the souls around me despise their designer because He and evil are invisible. They despise those with complex minds and discerning hearts. This is heartbreaking. I try to expose and describe the feelings in my poetry of watching souls who were once so brilliant die slowly in front of you watching. Yet, instead of hope in life, I’m met too often with a variation of “oh, well that worked for you.” These people who are perishing don’t want to be reminded of who they used to be because they’ve been letting the lie inside them grow.

God desires us to entertain. Entertainment is act of service, but it has been fashioned to an act of selfishness. It is desired because of the joy and delight experienced. Not that entertainment IS joy itself. God desires us to experience the fullness of joy. We are to delight ourselves in the Lord. Why can’t I “just” be entertained? It’s not because I despise the human attempt at hospitality. I am not “just” entertained because I know my Savior didn’t “just settle” for me and is not of that mentality. It is because when I tried to commit suicide in junior high, thinking what was around me was “just what there was and would only ever be” that mentality was Wonderfully shattered by an incomparable love. I know Yeshua/Jesus does not “just” create us, that he didn’t “just” die for us. “Just” in this mindset is one of the past tense. Yet, He is the God unlike any other who has plans and a future. Entertainment is about community, hospitality, sharing. What I cannot share in is death because life tastes so wonderful and that I know Faithfulness Himself. As wonderful as He created you to be, If you are putting an ultimatum to me in choosing to give my first fruit of the hospitality and generosity of my heart, He put me before Himself, so I would be a wicked servant to reject reciprocation and express gratitude and my Love for Him. He is hospitality toward me, providing every good thing.

Rabbits, Corporations & Easters, Oh, My!

We are approaching Easter 2017. It is yet again when social media is now flooded by a ill presented solution lacking in information and legislative help. I’m taking about Easter Rabbits. Now there are plenty of articles on the resurrection and Jesus out there, and I will continue writing those. He is, after all, the Love of my life who literally saved me from suicide. But I want to take this Easter to include a article In the midst of updating about His creation.

Back in 2014 when I wrote this article, I also had to say farewell for the first time to a rabbit—my rabbit of nine years. She was the sweetest rabbit I probably will ever know: small, silver, gentle, a licker. Don’t get me wrong, I love my lil grumpy, grunts floof. He just wasn’t raised with kindness as she was from babyhood. Whenever I had a bad day and came home, she was there waiting for me, always ready to be petted, fed, and cuddled. Helping her out of pain at the end of her life was one of the most heart-wrenching decisions of my life. I still see her eyes at peace looking up, so trusting of me even as death approached. I loved her and was doing what was best for her, but I was teary-eyed and sobbing, kissing her little head, when she died.

Although some might think I would have buyer’s remorse to adopt another rabbit soon thereafter, I am the kind of person who does not want to be without the love of a pet. As I sought out a new companion, I was delighted to find Jango, a roughly one-year-old Flemish Lop, (now 4-5) to whom I gave a real home. His first expression when I brought him to my apartment was intense worry and fear. I had rescued him (through an adoption agency) from a harsh meat farm where I believe people had kicked him, for he was afraid of my legs or feet. He had been kept in a cramped cage with many other bunnies. A loving adoption agency rescued Jango and responsibly neutered, loved, and petted him. At just the right time, we were introduced. He loved running round his new, carpeted home with TOYS, which he had never known before. He thrived with space, loving discipline, gentle human hands, and a patient human voice. I saw him transform from a scared, cringing rabbit to a rabbit doing binkies and race tracking around his space. However, not all rabbits are so fortunate, and I would like to introduce you to the reasons why.

What is the reason for the plight?

The plight occurs for several reasons. The main reason is lack of education and well presented information, with information distributed only beyond niches of small rabbit societies and rescue/adoption agencies. Abuse occurs in international trade due to a lack of education in the very educational groups that raise this animal. Moreover, no connection exists with young and old writers, filmmakers, and networkers, who could assist in a campaign of awareness. Unfortunately corporations, companies, groups, and media contribute to a widespread problem instead of promoting the changes needed.


Many people just see baby bunnies. They don’t see what happens to the bunnies after they are rejected and turned in to the ASPCA. Though Petroglyphs has discontinued its humane education department, its website estimates about “3-4 million rabbits are euthanized per annum.” In an online article published by the BBC, the RSPCA claimed that 35,000 rabbits are abandoned in England and Wales per annum.

Abuse and Use

Abuse is not only verbal. It can be physical and emotional as I saw with my newly adopted rabbit. People think they are getting at the pet store a rabbit from a reputable breeder. The problem is that the term “reputable breeder” is not clearly defined. A number of bunnies are from farms where the grounds can flood and whole clans die, as I read on one breeder’s site, or from a very young person in 4-H, who is learning the basics of breeding, but not required to take rabbits for a wellness exam at a veterinary clinic.

Meat Farms

Unfortunately, as an adoption agency employee shared with me, rabbits raised on meat farms can live in places where the unsuspecting public mistakenly thinks the owners just love rabbits. Innumerable meat rabbits are kept in close quarters with other rabbits. They are handled roughly, hit or kicked, and kept in cages that cause sores and infections on their feet. Cramped quarters cause boredom in these intelligent critters which have personalities and muscles for running and jumping. According to Google, not many restaurants serve rabbit meat, but there were or may still be such places in the United States on the East Coast in Philadelphia and New York as Saro Bistro, Glasserie, Café China, Al Mar, The Marrow, I Sodi, Maialino, and Marlow & Sons that serve rabbits as meat. Plus (just in) Kismet in Southern California. I am a rabbit owner and will not eat rabbit meat, but I do applaud the rise of awareness in the culinary world to not be wasteful with meats. Restaurants like to advocate they do not deal with the “ill-reputed” meat farms and try to use all they can when they purchase the meat. However, there are some who do not believe there is a distinction between quality of meat farms. It was, for me extremely heartbreaking to watch this video, which understandably may outrage or bring to tears, that I found on YouTube, if you find yourself able to at all:

Even Whole Foods for a time several years ago was considering selling domestic-bred rabbit at their grocery stores because it is a cheap commodity in part because the animal breeds quickly. Abuse stays hidden behind closed doors from media, for rabbits are not considered livestock or poultry like cows or chickens. The meat is widely renowned for its healthy Omega-3 acids and the efficient 5-6 pounds of meat per animal. An ABC news article claims that a rabbit “using the same amount of food and water a cow needs to produce a pound of meat. . . can produce six pounds.” As a taxpayer and a bunny owner, I desire to eliminate rabbits from the menu and applaud for their PSA on awareness that our tax dollars reimburse farmers who neglect and abuse their livestock.

Some people think it is funny to joke with rabbit owners about cooking pet rabbits, and I cannot express just how angry and sad that makes us. I have heard the words so many times that I sometimes want to just turn around to the person who cracks the joke and ask how his or her dog or cat tastes, or even so far as their kids. No one jokes about that! If, however, the joker is unaware, feel free to pass along this article, not to guilt them, but to educate and bring (hopefully) a positive change. There are a few meat farms that are dubbed “reputable,” mainly selling overseas to European countries. One of the largest in California, Devils Gulch Ranch, is located in Marin County in California. News articles within the past four years prior to 2014, in the UK and US, including CNN and ABC (2013-14), are drawing attention to the plight of ignorance. Freedom for Farmed Rabbits posted: “Global rabbit meat consumption in 2004 was 1.1 million tonnes. Approximately half this amount comes from meat farms.” I estimate that is equal to 44,000 eighteen-wheelers, weight wise. Half of what meat farms provide would equal 22,000 eighteen-wheelers filled with rabbit meat. The standard size of a 53 for trailer equals 630 inches long by 102 inches wide. If you multiply these by 44,000 one gets 2,827,440,000 inches which google converts to 235,620,000 feet. That in turn, google converts to 71816.976 Km (kilometers squared) which, in comparison with the 125 largest cities in the Word would be closest in size to 8 of New York City (ranking the largest of all 125 cities) put together. (71,816 divided by NY’s 8,683 square Km).


Rabbits are used, of course, in testing cosmetics and various drugs. Statistic Brain’s website estimates that “245,786 rabbits are tested annually.” The Office of Research Integrity and PETA tell of the unnecessary treatment and abuse of rabbits despite new methods and alternatives available: “Since the eyes of the rabbit are large and do not have tear ducts, eye irritancy tests (the Draize test) for various household and cosmetic products have been conducted since 1944. Due to large scale protests in the 1970s and 1980s use of the Draize test has declined; the cosmetic industry has been instrumental in seeking alternatives.” (Reference below at Some say that alternatives for the Draize test have been in process since the 70s. Other sites also show that rabbits are still used for the Draize eye-irritancy test, having such things as dishwashing soap or drain cleaner put on their eyes, causing chemical burns on rabbits eyes. No, they don’t apply mascara to these animals eyelashes.

Unfortunately, labs also use other small animals like rats and guinea pigs. In 2014 when I first wrote this article, the following top ten companies needed to hear from consumers who want unnecessary animal testing to stop: L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble, Clorox, Johnson & Johnson, S.C. Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser, Church & Dwight, Unilever, and Dial/Henkel, referenced in crueltyfreekitty URL at bottom. It was not hard to find four websites with lists of brands that do not test on animals:
List of Companies That DON’T Test on Animals

It’s been very pleasant to discover since then more and more brands and have some pleasant conversations with employees at different make up companies such as Sephora as well as others who are on board and pro cruelty free brands as well as vegan. I have personally found a handful of favorite brands under the from chapstick to laundry detergent that I love.


To us, even if we love animals, the problem seems a bit distant. Most people do not know rabbits make sounds. They make a “chunnering noise” somewhat similar to a cat’s purr when happy and content. Rabbits whimper when they are scared, scree as a sign of dominance, chew on cage bars, hiccup, sneeze and snore adorably, and scream when they are in pain. It is hard to imagine the sound of countless rabbits crying out in pain. We leave such an horrific scenario to film screens for human pain. offers the statistic that 30-40 rabbits are needed to make just one fur coat. The prized breeds that popped up in my research are Rex or Orylag–breeds of rabbits that experience their fur ripped out by the handful for the sake of fashion. reveals: “Each year, more than 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals — including foxes, seals, mink and dogs — are raised on fur farms or trapped in the wild and killed for their pelts. ” It made me sick and cry to have watched about where rabbits are kept, grabbed, kit baby bunnies tossed in dumpsters and that some vets who were called to take a look at some of them were not appalled at the facility but actually handled the animals with lack of care as well. As a conscious steward of keeping this planet, peta had an article informing in Fact #6: “Fur farms harm the environment. One million pounds of feces are produced annually by U.S. mink farms alone. One dangerous component of this waste is nearly 1,000 tons of phosphorus, which pollutes nearby rivers and streams.”


Housing rabbits is another problem. Too many rabbits who are adopted for Easter are put down or end up in the aforementioned ASPCA, shelters, or adoption agencies if fortunate enough. A significant percentage of people rent apartments. In my eight years in San Jose, California, I found one of the two apartments in the huge city that would even be happy to allow rabbits. One apartment complex, where I rented, was happy simply to have my rent money. The other apartment that I considered was owned by a person with a rabbit and knowledge about rabbits as pets. All the others complained of three things: they would smell, they would chew, they would be noisy. People did not accept a little extra money, a written agreement, nothing! Cats smell more than rabbits do. Both are or can be litter-box trained. Unlike some guineapigs—similarly sized pets—rabbits are incredibly quiet.

Giving a rabbit a healthy, happy home may cost an estimated $400-$730 per year. This does not include emergency vet bills for anything from broken bones, to hairballs they physically cannot throw up like a cat because they’re not brushed, to bacteria or mites causing respiratory, digestive or skin and ear problems. Unfortunately, truly healthy food for rabbits such as Nature’s Benefits, along with Pet Mountain and Vita Kraft, have been discontinued from major pet store chains, because feeding healthy food without chemicals and food coloring supposedly is just not popular enough. To help owners keep their rabbits healthy, a list of rabbit-knowledgeable clinics/vet clinics can be found on . It lists all 50 states. However, I noticed that only 48 out of the 50 states have rabbit vets, and big states such as South Dakota only had one listing back in 2014. Because rabbits have special needs that are not recognized and trained veterinarians are so few, I had the horrible experience of watching my nine-year-old rabbit in pain through the night, not eating and not taking water because the animal hospitals in the area were closed and the emergency clinics had no doctors who specialized in rabbits–only cats and dogs. Rabbits need a different anesthesia than cats and dogs require. The closest option for me was two towns away when I lived in San Jose.


Although many people have cars, many others rely on the bus or train for more economic travel. This can cause distress when rabbit owners need to get their pet to a knowledgeable veterinarian or take their pet on vacation. Currently, one can bring a dog or cat on an airplane in a carrying case in first class. The other and better mode of travel for rabbits–trains and busses—are quite unyielding of ANY pets with the exception of guide dogs: Amtrak, Greyhound, Mega Bus Gold, Bolt Bus, Lux Bus, VA Moose Bus, Tripper Bus, Caltrain, Metra Rail, Red Coach, and NICDT. The only exceptions thus far that I have found are BART (California), the MARC train (Maryland), and VRE (Virginia). It is a shame that so many busses and trains seem unsupportive of the needs of rabbits, for these modes of transportation could benefit both owners and small furry pets.

As mentioned, a person can bring a dog or cat on an airplane in a carrying case in first class; however, upon broaching the topic of bringing a rabbit, one hears an uproar concerning allergies. Although many baby rabbits probably are shipped in the cargo holds of planes, thanks to the Internet age and the ability to purchase pets from other countries, the exposure to the noise of loud jet engines is not good for rabbits’ hearing. Interestingly, some of the airlines that advertise themselves as pet friendly for rabbits include the following: Aerosvit Airlines, AirBaltic, Air Europa, Alaskan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Copa Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates SkyCargo, EVA Airways, Finnair, Frontier Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways (India), Nok Airlines, United Air Lines, and Westlet. (–A site that has since left the internet between 2014-2017.) Transportation’s efforts of change would assist the needs of those wanting to adopt rabbits. Or someone starting a transportation solely for pet adoption agencies not limited to small animals– a pet only train only for adoptees through legit adoption agencies.

Adoption Agencies AND Pet Stores

Sadly, I see adoption agencies as part of the problem. This is where my “well presented information” comment in the beginning comes in to play. Though I have NO regrets at giving Jango, my now nearly 5 year old independent personality Flemish Lop and faithful alarm clock with whom I share breakfast time and evening conversation and ever traumatic grooming sessions, followed by his favorite wild berry yogurt treat, a great home, I still see issues present with the agencies. Most recent? The “adopt, don’t shop” slogan. I get that they’re trying to get people to discourage buying from pet stores because often the kits ARE taken from their mothers way too early and end up with health issues. People just purchase from pet stores uneducated about rabbits and dump them in the wild, thinking wrongly that domestic rabbits are just like wild bunnies. These bunnies either die or end up at shelters or are rescued by the adoption agencies. Seeing all the cruelty and ignorance these adoption agencies do, I, at least have experienced being treated like I was one of those horrible kind of people. They forget sometimes there are people with kind hearts. They forget that some people are in dire situations and instead of inquiring into the humans situation or offer possible solution in the adoption process or are so overwhelmed with rabbits they don’t pay heed that the human is trying their best. All of it basically sums up that there is much need to assess before judging, a number of agency individuals try to me and other legit cases feel like the skum of the earth, or not being attentive or thirdly that temporary homes for the rabbits to be adopted, the temp families get attached and those very interested in the rabbit are not even given a chance to see if they would be a good fit together.

The adoption agencies now have this “adopt, don’t shop” which I had to ask the reasoning, to which I did not receive reply. Therefore, I dug and finally discovered through a wayward video interview which I cannot re-find to include as reference, that’s how obscure things are to find. I went back through my social media feed AND typed to try and find on YouTube. The positioned belief is (at least by one representative to this mindset) is that one would not get anywhere to far by limiting the pet stores legally/ via legislation. Yet news has shown recent years crackdown on abusive pet owners not being able to own pets. Adoption agencies and advocates are throwing out this slogan without ANY solution or information forefront about what would or will happen to pet store rabbits. All this from advocates for the “education” route. This presents a representative face that can well be interpreted as being not for all bunnies, but only bunnies-through-us kind of mentality which makes thinking people wonder how such a move aligns with their core values.

I respect what they are striving for. I see the effects of what meat farm life had psychological done to my rabbit from birth. A recent recurring wave of recognition to puppy mills selling to supposedly legit pet stores has also swept the internet at the beginning months of 2017 here. However, I disagree education disjointed from legislation is effective. I saw my sweet girl rabbit’s need for mommy when I first got her from the pet store. Pet stores remain one of the few places for adoption agencies to showcase and host adoption events. From a business and negotiation perspective, this does not seem smart, though I agree with the need for pet stores to have regulations for pets. Ever wonder why pet store Beta fish look the most depressed as opposed to the fish in bigger tanks?

Promotion by the Arts

Encouragingly, efforts on the Internet and Facebook by networking educational organizations, individuals, and adoption agencies are making an effort to promote, help, and inform. Even I didn’t know September 26 or 28 is International Rabbit Day. Yet, there are still too many rabbits put into shelters (recently estimated at 80% are abandoned and many end up in shelters. See huffington article included), raised at meat farms, and dying before enjoying a natural lifespan of 8-15 years. I see ways that I and others can help raise awareness through film and writing. Recounting the numbers given in this article, you have well over 1,004,245,786 rabbits who die each year in all these industries estimated by research for this article two years ago, compared monolithically to the number of adoption agencies fighting on behalf of these bunnies. I look forward to others joining in helping these wonderful critters so full of love and personality. Rabbits sweetly haunt our dreams of chocolate and new life during a holiday that is centered thematically on life, and rabbits appear with good attributes on the Chinese Zodiac. Yet we have given neither life nor sweet dreams to the very animals that warm our hearts and teach us. It is time we used our ears to do something to stop their plight.




I just read an article published, encouraging backhanded antisemitism, though written by Rabbis, warning “Christians” to not partake of the Passover. Have People not read Torah? Have they not read the scriptures? Christian was a name given to Jews who loved Yeshua the Messiah! That is “Christian” roots! Furthermore, The God Christians claim to worship has told people in His Word, Romans 16:17-18 “Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them. For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple.” NKJV. Likewise, Psalm 137:5 should be a warning to you, “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, Let my right hand forget its skill!” (NKJV.) So, we must go back to the scripture for to examine what we have been taught, and if we look at the scripture, really dig and put it together with and through the understanding of the Ruach that Yahweh has a heart of reconciliation, renewal and relationship we can rebuke the belief that Pesach “inaugurates a new religious civilization” as the Christianity Today article says (reference URL included at bottom) It intrigues me that that the authors see Christianity and Judiasm “re-enacting” a word used contextually and in association with impersonal performance. That should make us question what we are Emirati going in our celebration of Passover. Do we truly Celebrate Mercy and His Protection and Salvation? Or do we eminate a lack of personal testimony in our own lives when or if we celebrate Passover? For my own self, I love the church as the body of Christ, yet still ache especially as I grow older into my thirties now seeing the disappearance of church dinners I knew and grew up with, the lack of testimony in the Christian church, though they remain strong in their emphasis of the Word.

First in this divisive article: If Christianity advocates turning people against following God’s commandments, those that do show they do not love Him, nor do they love His people, which includes themselves with their grafted in choice of atonement. Without which there is no “Christianity” and such people will suffer from self- inflicted isolation from a relationship with Him and the would-be blessings of acknowledging God’s design. Exodus 12:48 explicitly tells us to keep the Passover, along with witness scripture with the purpose to remember what it was like to be foreigners in and that He freed us. Yeshua said DO THIS (Passover) in rememberance of Him (Luke 22:19). By encouraging divisiveness, encouraging anti- Semetism, forgetting that Christians have a history emerging, yet engrafted and intertwined from the Judaic faith, such invites evil, bad things to befall. God takes teaching very seriously. He is the same Who described that it would be better for those who misteach His little ones to have a millstone tied round their neck and be flung into the sea. If you are Christian pray for these people and those who follow or see this article as authoritative or truth for clarity and repentance. Remember your roots of Trust. Dont invite God’s anger down on you by standing by this article. The authors support no unity but rather absolve what God views as good AND beautiful (“A Song of Ascents. Of David. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1)

Second issue: The rabbis nor the Christian magazine who influences offer wisdom of differentiating or offer detail how it used to be celebrated, since there is an insistence and they’re most likely right that the Passover then wasn’t as we know it now. We see Exodus 12:48 (which Jesus does not “allude to”, but is explicit, as stated above) welcome the stranger rather than rejecting people who want to understand the Passover, to understand Him under physical circumcision, “And when a stranger dwells with you and wants to keep the Passover to the LORD, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as a native of the land. For no uncircumcised person shall eat it.” Scripture shows us: “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Matt 20:28 NKJV. (He knew not everyone would accept atonement). Yeshua reached out to woman at the well who was not Jewish. He healed the multitudes and fed them, people who came from all over, including the Greek (Syro Phonecian) woman’s demon possessed daughter because she said, “Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs.” (Mark 7:26-30). The authors of this article very much favor the word “inaugurate” which Webster defines as a beginning, but the Passover debatably doesn’t inaugurate “the Jewish people into its History.” The beginning of the Jewish people began with the Abrahamic covenant. In Genesis. Prior to Exodus.

Additionally, the authors write, “Second, adopting another’s ritual shows a lack of respect.” (On page 2, paragraph 3) Again, interesting word choice. Not only does Google define respect (when typed into search bar) as “1. a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”, but God in scripture has much to say about fearing (respecting Him) about adoption and legalism. While some people may FEEL ritual is being disrespected, is ritual to be revered over Yahweh? The Torah reveals The haunting words through His prophet Hosea who knew about having a faithless relationship, “For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.” (NKJV Hosea 6:6) So…when did admiration become disrespect? All is quiet on that front.

When adoption is considered, its sibling concept is acceptance. By adopting you are accepting, open hearted. So this article shows a certain feeling of disrespect for ritual, yet they use the word adoption. When parents who want a child or who can’t conceive adopt, do they choose a child based on whether or not their culture the child emerged from has certain rituals? No! They fall in love with the picture (or child if they meet at the orphanage) and the story of what the baby/ child came through personally. They fight through much time and paperwork and international hiccups to give that child their love and a place of knowing they’re accepted! The authors are making the claim they believe to know more about the Christian faith than the Jews encouraging Christians to partake in Passover know. Yet, they use ambiguous, unspecific wording and examples throughout regarding the Torah, describing Christians and Jews who encourage Christians to Celebrate Passover “naturally emphasize Jesus as a fine teacher, partaking of the Jewish culture of his times,” (page 2, paragraph 4 of Christianity today article referenced at the bottom). Now, although I’ve seen plenty of the church do the whole “in Jesus time” disapplicating the Instructional Torah of Yahweh, which is very sad, because it disjoints the love …remember “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” John 14:15? (NKJV) a phrase that also shows up in Exodus 20:6 & Deuteronomy 5:10.

There is no “new Lamb of God” (page 2. Paragraph 4) Abraham recognized this, prior to there being Passover. Abraham could’ve chosen a dove, a calf, but his son, Isaac asks him where the lamb was for the burnt offering. Yeshua is more than just a “fine teacher”, but this is what the authors and those who share this mode of thought see Christian and Messianic Judaism representing Yeshua as, and sadly a portion, though not all do. We are all responsible of how we portray our relationship with Our Lord and Savior, but also how we treat a Him.

Here is the third issue so many Christians are familiar with: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.” (Matthew 28:19-20 NKJV) and what was it Jesus told His Disciples?? Oh yeah, “Do this in remembrance of me” recorded in the gospel of Luke (22:19 NKJV) from a doctor who understood the need for healing in the world AND included in Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth! (1Corinth 11:23-29 NKJV) The author being a former religiously, bloodthirsty Pharisee who knew the law of Moshe, met Yeshua and did not discourage the church at Corinth (located in southern Greece) from keeping the Passover Yeshua Himself kept, but to keep it in a worthy manner as to discern the Lord’s body (1 Corinth 11:29 NKJV)

The epilogue here and fourth point: God dispersed people at the Tower of Babel because of their pride and irreverence toward God and self centeredness in Genesis 11:4 (NKJV) “And they said, ‘Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.'” Revelation 7:9 tell us a multitude of all nations tribes and tongues will be standing before the Throne and before The Lamb and says that they will cry out that Salvation belongs to “our God” and to “the Lamb” recognizing and claiming personal relationship with the Creator. Freedom that comes through Salvation throughout scripture is not “exclusive”. Looking up the dictionary definition for differentiating “unique” as the authors state on page 3, last paragraph of the article, “The Seder is uniquely Jewish,” to their article’s spirit of exclusivity, the very terminology’s nature of which has to do with “not admitting things”, (Google definition) as opposed to unique which describes something as being “unlike anything else.” When googling the word “unique” and “exclusive”.

One has to beg the question:

Given that Yahweh made man in His own image prior to any Passover

Given that King David echoes God’s loving detail in His creation by Psalming “…for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;…” (Psalm 139:14 NKJV) and John saying “In the beginning was the Word (referring to Yeshua)” in John 1:1 (NKJV) & (1 Samuel 3:7 NKJV on the revealing of the word, rather than just a thing which is spoken.)

Given all these things, why would the authors and those of this Mindset bother inviting the curious whom Yah created to something where they weren’t allowed to partake? Is not that disrespectful? Is that not unkind? Is that not representing God contrary to conditions in the Old Testament of circumsicision and of the New Testament to partake of Passover keeping in a worthy manner? When we see Yeshua tell His disciples: “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you;”? One has to ask what the purpose of showing someone something that they themselves believe that person will never partake of, nor was ever believed designed to experience, even though God made mankind in His image, is? Why are these “Christian others” here? It is a grievous, heart aching misrepresentation of Yahweh, His Ruach and His Salvation Yeshua the Messiah to in essence respond to the curious essentially with an accusatory “piss off”. Yahweh created people, dispersing them via language confusion at the Tower of Babel after renewing His covenant through Noah who came from the redemptive line of Seth after Adam and Eve lost Able.

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