Seven Short Reasons God’s Love Is Not Unconditional

The term unconditional love has become a catchphrase of the church. It’s prettied up with curly cue ribbons. But let’s think a moment.

1. search engine found no match in the bible for the term “unconditional.” NKJV

2. The bible is full of healthy boundaries on which I am working on a book.

3. The church in general has popularized teaching unconditional love yet also teaches John 3:16. Doesn’t get more conditional than that. If love were unconditional, the bible would read something akin to ” and God gave His many sons,…” which sounds pretty much the same analogy as all roads leading to heaven.

4. The church that majorly promotes unconditional love inconsistently quotes the catchphrase that God placed “therefore’s” in the bible, that they “are there FOR a reason.”

5. Webster’s dictionary defines a condition as a state of something, affecting circumstance, having significant influence or bringing something into desired state for use.

6. Using the word unconditional, from Webster’s term, we are describing love as stateless, un affecting, insignificant, un influencing, and inactive.

7. Think a moment of air conditioning…the conditioner makes the air flow is important. Without it, we are in a stagnant room of air and quite possibly stuffy or suffocating. We oft describe the Holy Spirit in its spiritual form as wind or breath, yet we shut off the air for unconditional love! Just some thoughts!😇


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