A Silent Valentine

Valentines 2017. Today’s Facebook feed showed more than one creatively done video composed about how labels inhibit love. Although Christianity responds positively to do as we ought, seeing a person for who they are, a sneaky little unholy bit is left out. The problem starts with us. Our definition and equality of labels and boundaries. Though we have a desire within our hearts to rip division away, the only one who can do that is Jesus. is God. Does that mean we are not to be like Him? As Paul would say, “Certainly not!” However, we need to check ourselves. We as human beings reasoned ourselves out of God’s “Do not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…” believing the enemy, who had broken off from God. Satan wanted to strip the structure of Gods Holy and good way. He outright lied to us. Satan flat out told humans they would NOT die, but that they would be like God. He was the contrary voice instituting a concern about not being like God. Not being Holy, not being set apart. Sounds much like self righteousness does today. We do need to speak the truth in love.

We very often cave to the enemy’s lie and tell people who are in sin, “you shall surely not die” “all roads lead to heaven” “heaven allows the impure abomination of homosexuality” at this point, a bunch of you will probably flip me the bird, defriend me or whatever. I am not talking bout hating homosexuals. I had a “Christian” friend who took blind pride in hating them. I had to delete that person out of my life and cut them off completely. The same videos that promote these good intentions group a lot of what one of them called, “isms” I believe there is danger when we treat all issues with a blanket rather than look at the details. To put it in practical terms, if you tried to treat cancer of the blood the same way you treat another type of cancer, say of the bone marrow, results could be disastrous. So we swing into all encompassing individualism.

The mode of thought, everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. Now at a glance someone might ask or think that Holiness is just another form of all encompassing labeling. That of Holiness. But when we think of our negativity toward holiness…where did that negativity come from? Was it God that abused holiness or a person, a spiritual leader, the church made up of imperfect human beings or a once called Christian friend? Satan wanted Gods power. Satan is the one who works at deceiving us into his power with no responsibility way of thought. His very first evil mission was to divide mankind, who was made in Gods image by getting Man and woman to doubt they were made in Gods image, that they needed to be like God. And thus ou sands of years of history where mankind has set idols for themselves worshipping creation, material, themselves.

Our desire for Eden’s return runs deep, but we are taking it upon ourselves to create it over, by shows and eateries that celebrate nudity in a imperfect lust prone and prideful world. There is power in stripping away labels. Power in no borders. But if we don’t look at the disaster that happened at the first necessary boundary, we learn nothing. Think a moment if Satan had not been cast away from purity, if God were really tainted, not just that people misrepresented God? There would be no hope, no Jesus, there would be no Eden. There would be no lake of fire. There would be no hell, but because Satan is not God and never had Gods power to create, there would be nothing, not even void. No limbo, no place for your soul after death, no cemetery plot, no earth no hell no heaven. That’s a thought of magnitude. It’s a scary thought. But the possibility of what could have been has the wonderful ability to draw us back to the truth of what mercifully is. It is hard to imagine or conceptualize purity in this ever increasing impure world and society, but when we find something good, we desire to preserve it, to protect it, be it a beautiful relationship we fight for or a gift given to us by a real friend to preserve the memory and time shared. God is pure and Holy. Now regarding race, the church has long and wrongly abused and misused the color of skin, a physical element as a claim of spiritual inferiority. However, when it comes to homosexuality, though they too are not less as people, we as Christians have and continue to dichotomize and redefine what spiritually God says is an abomination and clearly cannot reside in heaven with Him. It is not solely a physical or psychologically chemical issue, not is it solely a spiritual disembodied issue. Racism, with dark-skinned nationalities tried to misrepresent non whites as descendants from Cain, calling him cursed and thus his descendants but if they had read their bible more clearly, they would see Gods love and protection as God put a mark on Cain, not out of condemnation, but to keep Cain from harm.

Unlike our skin color that was given to us by God that science so far has not figured out a way to change, homosexuality is a spiritual abomination, whose physiochemical elements/part has been figured out by science how to tweak. The issue is that we as humanity contradict the form, the image, if you will, God designed, to tailor is to how we “feel”. God is left out. God is not inquired of. If we contradict what scripture says we are responsible for lying to the homosexuals. Homosexuality is a spiritual abomination that if we do not detach and ask for healing from the one who became a curse so we could have eternal blessing– if we live lying consistently, liars also cannot reside with Him.

Holiness has become negative in humanity’s eyes. Yet, King David sings of the beauty of Holiness. Paul, who lived his life as Pharisee Saul of self righteousness thought of as being set apart came face to face with the compassion and power of Holiness and was able to from then on the difference and dedicated His life to sharing what Holiness truly was and is and is to come. We are supposed to live out “Thy will be done on earth AS it IS in heaven” note the as it is statement. We are to understand heaven and God and Jesus by His word, not our own standard. His imagination for wonderful Holy things is beyond ours, though we can strive to artistically imagine. The Bible does not say: “Thy (or our) will be done in heaven as it is on earth.” We have tried that over and over and over and most people complain bout how bad the world is becoming what with war and rape and bloodshed and hate and selfishness and greed. That is not what the Kingdom of Heaven is made of. That is not what Gods children of His Kingdom ought to be made of. In spreading the lies that are right in man’s eyes over loving and sharing what is right in God’s and the hope, we are no better than a silent Valentine.


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