A Not So Silent Film

Soooo, I finally saw “Silence”, which, spoiler alert, is the antithesis of A Man for All Seasons (The story of Thomas Moore, who makes the point that as soon as you let faith — like water out your hands–even a little, lets it all out.) The movie ends with the ever popular “only God can judge a heart” sermon. Spoiler alert again…with the little cross in his hand, but this very little to no difference in worshipping honor / romance as seen in the story Outlander (when Jamie gives up his body to homosexual abuse to save Claire, his wife to save her honor so they can both live together, loving their own life romantically rather than have a backbone and trust God, which is included as just someone Jamie religiously prays to). The priest in the Silence Film did not scriptually test the spirits when he supposedly hears “Christ” speak to him. There was no fruit. The film popularizes what folks want to hear, wanting to believe that God is passive to wicked and selfish servants, not doing anything with the gifts He gave you.

The Priest is bombarded with spirit voice pretending to be Christ (Who did not love His own life above letting us have an eternal one,) a point completely glossed over by the lie that “priests ought to lead by example by not letting others suffer.”

Ironically, the children later are calling the main character, “apostle Paul” at one point. They may have read the Bible, as many have but no one cared enough to bring it to life for them. Paul said in Philipians 1:21 “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain”.

Andrew Garfield, the main character of the young priest is quoted in the media saying this part, and the movie “to ‘fall in love with Jesus'”…http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/entertainment/2017/january/andrew-garfield-says-silence-film-helped-him-to-fall-in-love-with-jesus.

This is the second heretical film this year, beside The Shack. We are given a responsibility scripturally to both not be deceived and to be ready in and out of season with an answer of the hope in us. True, it is easy to fall in love with a false Jesus who tells you that it’s “ok” to love your physical life devoid of fruit, when the actual living God first commanded Creation to be fruitful and multiply. It is a dangerously “pretty” film. It is a very popular way of thinking these days that things don’t affect us, eternally or otherwise. Scripture tells us quite the opposite: “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9

The priest is also confused, being accused with pride by the priest he came to seek, rather than recognizing the nature of conviction. There was not enough trust in either priest’s heart that if they didn’t save people from being tortured, that God wouldn’t use their death and bring yet others to speak the truth.

In recap, this film promotes not testing the spirits against scripture, because why would a priest need to know scripture? Secondly, it promotes unfruitful “faith” and an uncaring, glossy “God” who does not mind that you do not confess Him to lost souls. That He will forgive you for loving the life He gave you more than Him as the life giver. Now, I am not saying He isn’t patient and give chance after chance. But He tells us there is a choosing point. He tells us what cannot be in the presence of Holiness. The tragedy of this film is the priests do not love Jesus. They let the words out of their mouth take power to shape their minds and hearts as well as other minds and hearts.

“And” is a powerful word in the Bible…Confess AND believe to be saved…it’s not sufficient to merely quietly love the Lord. If you loved your spouse and never told anyone and no one ever knew your spouse was your spouse, people would wonder what was wrong with you. You’d be identified as either controlling, weird or a red flag person with which to be disassociated. In just 8 years we have gone from teaching the importance of not giving up the faith in “Black Death” a film I deeply admire and respect ( not the burning of the innocent, but the captain’s conviction) to film teaching Faith Apathy is acceptable and admirable because humans, not God, is telling us we cannot nor should we use discernment which is judging against what the infallible Truth has left us to measure. Otherwise, our society will become lawless both in the spiritual sense and physical sense.

Here is a very good quote I happened upon from Man for All Seasons about silence:
“Cromwell: But, gentlemen of the jury, there are many kinds of silence. Consider first the silence of a man who is dead. Let us suppose we go into the room where he is laid out, and we listen: what do we hear? Silence. What does it betoken, this silence? Nothing; this is silence pure and simple. But let us take another case. Suppose I were to take a dagger from my sleeve and make to kill the prisoner with it; and my lordships there, instead of crying out for me to stop, maintained their silence. That would betoken! It would betoken a willingness that I should do it, and under the law, they will be guilty with me. So silence can, according to the circumstances, speak! Let us consider now the circumstances of the prisoner’s silence. The oath was put to loyal subjects up and down the country, and they all declared His Grace’s title to be just and good. But when it came to the prisoner, he refused! He calls this silence. Yet is there a man in this court – is there a man in this country! – who does not know Sir Thomas More’s opinion of this title?
Crowd in court gallery: No!”

The film keeps popping the question, “What would Jesus do?” John 1:3 “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” In scripture we see God create the heavens and earth and all these living things with a song in them. Take a moment to pause and reflect on this related short video clip: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd_iK6IMHCE.

The only reference to heaven being silent is in Revelation 8:1 when the 7th seal is opened. The film’s view of heaven is A “workless” eternity. Though we will be free of the curse of toil, we don’t go to eternity to do nothing. We will be with The Creator, Whose creativity is never exhaustive and he wants us to experience the fullness of joy that comes through creativity. We will not be bored there.

However, we need to remember that beauty is often beguiling. The enemy of our souls comes as an angel of light And that just as he deceived Eve by reasoning her the tree was “good for food” and that it was pleasant to the eyes” https://www.blueletterbible.org/nkjv/gen/3/20/t_conc_3006, so too are we trying to justify yet today with what lessons are being fed to people through the arts. Matthew 10:33 clearly draws a line when Jesus tells us that whoever denies Him before men (on a consistent continual basis as the film shows these priests doing–not just a one time mistake like Peter denying Christ, because the Disciple Peter went on to be vocal for Yeshua, for Jesus and was put to death) that Jesus will deny those who deny Him before His Father. Films such as “Black Death” uphold this truth to not be deceived by beauty, of which there seems ever growing a desire for in this temporal life. If people insist on the beauty, on only seeing that the arts, like the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is “good for food” and “pleasant to the eyes”, without considering the beauty of Holiness that King David writes of in scripture, our society, Christianity is in a very dangerous spot, not considering the ugliness of eternity without our Creator as if such a mindset or wager is a safe, encouraged thing.

~Coral Tulle Hahn


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