Rainbow Lips

Recently in my city I saw rainbows and rainbow colors displayed in store windows and business events on social media. I also see it on many social media profiles. Mankind is saying it stands for pride. Pride is not exclusive to the homosexual community, though many have tried to brand/ affiliate it as such. It very much strikes me as ironic that most human beings don’t like stuck up people, prigs or snooty folk, and yet so many people are at the same time declaring it as a quality for themselves. To be proud of being proud.

I look back at the first rainbow in history and it was the most humbling place and situation. God was grieved that he had made man because their imaginings were constantly evil. Did man separate themselves from their evil imaginings? No, they mocked Noah and his family. Did anyone outside Noah’s family stop to consider they could be in the wrong? No. Yet, we as human beings like it when other make the effort to give us the benefit of the doubt. This is what distresses me about those who claim to know the Lord, who claim to have a relationship with Him and who read the Bible (or claim to) posting rainbows as proud friendly, often linked to homosexual-no-need-for-repentance symbol as to where they stand when they have read in scripture the story of Noah, when they’ve read Solomons wisdom, when they’ve read the story of Eden, when they’ve been taught the history of the Roman Empire and the World Wars.

The rainbow and its promise not to destroy the earth by flood should be respected. Noah responded with a offering of gratitude. Yet Christians today are adopting the spiritually twisted Bow of God. The rainbow was originally a kiss of blessing and promise at one of the most humble spots imaginable. God takes it very seriously when His priesthood makes what He created to be Holy to be despised. Yeshua did not come to do away with The law but to fulfill it. Many are still wrapping their minds around this concept trying to figure it out because the falsity has been taught for so long. God does not change. Many people think that’s a bad thing. Some think it impossible. Much of that has to do with Christians not reflecting God’s quality in consistency in their lives. A steadfast walk. Instead, people often encounter burnt out sprinters and meanderers.

One of the ways that God doesn’t change is that He is Holy. Holy means set apart. As Christians many sing, “you are the god unlike any other,” but do we really mean it? Do we take the time to look at what other gods allow and how the Christian “God” we are fashioning is our own carved image, mentally carved? How is our carved God unlike other people’s idols? How is ours differ from the scriptures? So, God is Holy. He cannot change, THANKFULLY!!!!! See, many don’t believe in security and that God is consistent because they haven’t studied scripture enough to see the consistencies themselves, but God being unchanging is a good thing. It’s a security. You know that He won’t change up on you like people do often.

Pride is the method of operation of the enemy of your soul. It’s why he was booted out of heaven. He wanted to be God. So many people now want to be their own God. So many people are taking the position of arrogance they find so unattractive in others and essentially telling their unchangeable Creator Who offers the stability of Himself that He needs to change, not us who were made in His image. In His image. What an intimate and beautiful phrase that ought to humble our hearts. God didn’t just take a piece of a reflection of a mirror He was looking into. He puts a piece of His neverending self which can never run out and gives us the choice to have relationship with Him or not. A wise teacher once said, “We can choose our actions or we can choose our consequences, but we cannot choose both.” We as humans want to choose both, but only Creator has the wisdom to apply these. It makes no sense then to hate God Who pays attention to detail of both the seen and unseen, unless a lie dupes a person. The very first lie put to Eve was the doubt and fear they weren’t like God. We boast pride in so many things. We continue communing with pride in tearing Gods heart. The fact He split the veil down the middle of a place where even the high priest had to have a rope tied round to drag him out lest his sin that he harbored cause death because the person was consumed by the unholy unable to fellowship with the holy means so little to nothing to so many now when it should. It should be respected. Yet He is despised by those who call themselves Christians, who claim priesthood and yet show Hate toward Him by loving the world more than they love the One who created themselves and the ones they claim to love.

Just because God put His bow in the clouds doesn’t mean He is unarmed or weak. Just because He promised not to destroy His footstool by flood does not mean He is changeable and can tolerate pride, abominations and sin. Just because He is Who is doesn’t mean He hates you are takes pleasure in it. Remember God was grieved He made mankind when He sent the flood. Humanity are the ones taking pleasure in grieving the One Who made them. There is a need to stop lying through rainbow lips of promises God never made.

God views humbleness as beautiful and gives scripturally practical things for us to reflect upon observed by those who observed humbleness. Job, who found himself in a very humble spot, instead of cursing God, declares in NKJV 40:11 “Disperse the rage of your wrath; Look on everyone who is proud, and humble him.” King David observes in Psalm 25:9 “The humble He guides in justice, And the humble He teaches His way.” Solomon also tells us that grace is given to the humble (prov 3:34), wisdom is with the humble (prov 11:2), and retention of honor (prov 29:23).

Humbleness :

Justice guider

Opens up God teaching His way

One catalyst of Grace

Wisdom associator

Honor retainer

People reject all these good things when they instead choose instant exaltation. They trade the truth for a lie, much like the carelessly tossed bible I happened across on my walk that I posted as the art for this article.


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