40 Things A Prophet of the Lord Deals With

  1. Counterparts that set dates on prophecy subject to repentence
  2. Knowing the place they put down roots in that they will not be fully accepted by even many of those around them because of others self comfort.
  3. Looking into the faces and looking at precious human beings the Lord created, aware that they are headed for destruction because of their aversion to prior Hell preaching prophets
  4. Hell without balance of Heaven experiences counterparts
  5. People’s past negative and abusive experiences with a “word from the Lord” from their counterparts
  6. Their own hurt from any past false mentors
  7. Having to learn to take the Lord’s word above what other prophets say
  8. Not getting overwhelmed by the myriad of prophecy concerning a sure event/decision of the Lord
  9. Trying to convey a balanced, wise response to what is being prophesied
  10. Listening to both sides of Prophecy: Namely, the Judgement oriented and the Grace oriented.
  11. People who ultimately make it their sad sole purpose to portray every prophet as a false prophet
  12. Learning and avoiding real false prophets
  13. Helping amateur prophets growing in their gift because they will make mistakes.
  14. The expectation and misunderstanding from others between the prophets own mistake vs. intentional falsity and selfish agenda. In short, the expectation to be perfect.
  15. The expectation of others to tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear
  16. The rejection when a message of loving discipline is needed.
  17. The lack of foresight or mature sight on others account to see possibility and the beauty of how something might blossom through certain decisions.
  18. The lack of sight to see the ugliness of the path someone or that people find themselves upon.
  19. Being considered and/or treated false or crazy for things the prophet has been given if that which is stated does not happen in or with immediacy and the loneliness and craving for fellowship when that happens.
  20. Dealing with lack of fellowship by people who don’t have prophetic gift and lack of fellowship when there is a lack of true prophets around them where the prophet has been positioned.
  21. The grief shared with the Father prior to people’s stubborn hearted decisions.
  22. They prejudiced inhuman, hurtful things people say about the Creator and His servants themselves whether passed down generationally taught or personal past experience. (Same as hearing someone say awful things about your closest friend)
  23. Well meaning people attempting to encourage you when it turns out they are listening to a person or movement that the Lord may use to speak (He did so with Balaam) but the person through whom the word is coming is a cult.
  24. Having to spend time to research another “prophet” who has given a “word” to see their background for people who don’t either have the same capacity of discernment or research just isn’t their cup of tea.
  25. Having to listen to what is being prophesied and gleaning the common denominator or reoccurring and sifting it from people’s personal belief/preference/understanding/agenda.
  26. Not getting too comfortable in one place, yet putting down roots where the Lord commands to stay and stand.
  27. Having a heart prepared to suffer alongside stubborn people
  28. Having a heart prepared to move when the Lord wants to remove you from those who will not listen even though they are your fellows made in His image, though they choose the image of the Enemy.
  29. The ugliness of complacency and defiance
  30. The dangers of complacency
  31. The Constance of discomfort.
  32. The development and unique way God desires to speak through your own self prophetically that may be different from others around you and not how people generally expect to receive a word.
  33. At times, working through grief prior to things actually happening and not sharing other people’s shock and emotions in the moment outwardly and openly expressed and labelled because of that.
  34. The desire for change and transformation
  35. People’s fear
  36. Having to illustrate as translator the lack of emotion or illustrate to others how they have treated Creator and yet being accused and listening to hateful things said of Justice.
  37. Hearing and watching other’s cheer justice dealt in movies and stories by other human being characters, but watching and listening through existing, other’s opinions or taught prejudices calling Creator’s Just aspect as unjust and unfair.
  38. The irony of being labelled as “judgmental” when judgment requires one to review the collection of facts and facts do not change and people expect a prophet to be perfect when delivering prophecy as fact.
  39. Their counterparts giving a word of warning, offering vague rather than specific hope.
  40. Not forsaking the fellowship, but preferring to spend time in the quiet listening for the Lord and meditating on His word.

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