My first, still unpublished story I have from my childhood is about a raccoon who follows a family to their new home. I have always loved a good friendship story. Friends have the best adventures. In Junior High, I graduated on to the Redwall series by Brian Jacques as well as Valerie Reddix’s Treasure of the Scroll. It was in Junior High that the Lord Jesus personally met me and prevented me from suicide. It was that turning point that began a long journey of realizing the importance of creative writing, but also poetry where I could write about my best Friend, not just hide away in pages with my secret fictitious friends. Now, as adult, I am working on publishing my collection of poetry as an illustrative work, and write bible study/devotionals, plus articles writ from a spiritually discerning heart who loves to bring out the voices of those people and topics that often are ignored or hushed.


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